Fort Lauderdale Roof Contractor & Roof Repair Specialist


Fort Lauderdale Metal Roofs come in all types of styles and colors, which makes it easier for one to get the look you might want from your new roof. Preventive Maintenance Support Services is a Fort Lauderdale Metal Roofing Contractor for over 20 years’ experience installing all kinds of roofing, including metal roofs. Our qualified teams also repair damaged metal roofs in Fort Lauderdale.

Metal roofing provides home and businesses owners with a durable roofing option that can stand up to the harsh weather that we frequently experience in the Fort Lauderdale area These roofs provide the protection while retaining their beautiful style, setting any building apart from the rest. PMSS is a licensed and fully insured roofing company and is known for providing home and commercial clients with the very highest quality roofing products and excellent customer service.

Fort Lauderdale Roof Repair

Fort Lauderdale Roofing Repairs start when we provide an estimate and assessment of your roof from a roofing contractor, like Preventive Maintenance Support Services. Our Roofing Contractors will fully inspect your roof. We will pinpoint any potential problems and offer you the best solution at an affordable price. We offer both business roof repairs and commercial roof repairs.

Fort Lauderdale Roof Replacement

At Preventive Maintenance Support Services, we offer the highest level of roofing expertise and professional services needed to replace the roof on your home quickly. Missing Tiles or shingles usually require repair only; however, curling shingles or cracked and broken tiles usually indicate that your roof has to be completely replaced because the shingles or tiles are starting to fail. Our Fort Lauderdale Roof Replacement Contractors are experienced and well versed in all roofing products. We will specify the proper roof system, with the desired appearance, based on your budget and style preferences.

Fort Lauderdale Roof Cleaning

A dirty roof will cause problems on your Fort Lauderdale area home’s integrity. Eventually it will affect the quality of your indoor air. If your Fort Lauderdale roofing system has lots of mold and mildew, call the expert roof cleaners at Preventive Maintenance Support Services. Cleaning you roof will add value, Years of additional service life and make your home’s exterior look great and protect your roof from any possible leaks or further deterioration.

Zip codes We Provide Roofing Services in Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Here are some other roofing services that we also offer:

Besides roofing contractors, we are also licensed General Contractors, Air-Conditioning and Mold Contractors. We have separate crews for other services such as: