How Much Does Roof Replacement Cost?

How Much Does Roof Replacement Cost?

Roof basically is where our property - house, office, garage, etc - get their protection from rain, heat or any other weather circumstances. Roof is our shelter from dangerous materials that can come from above us.
Without a roof, you can’t call your property a “house.” Moreover you can’t see it as your home.

A place where you spend your lives. Whether you are a single person, or a couple, or someone who wants to raise their kids in a proper and safe place.

That’s why a roof is one of the most important elements from a property.

But like other parts of your house, the roof still needs treatment and maintenance. After time you might consider doing roof replacement. How much does it cost? Are there any other things that need to be considered?

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Average Cost for Roof Replacement

Before we breakdown all the cost factors and anything around it, the first thing you want to know is how much is the average cost to do roof replacement.

By knowing the average cost, you can have a good wide angle of view about the work needed. So you can know if you are below or surpassing the standard cost. Budget is one source of your headache, so that’s why you need to get to know the average.

In the US alone, the average cost to do the roof replacement is $8000. This is the national average budget to do the job. So you can estimate and prepare your budget by spending it around $5000 up to $10000.

You also need to consider that this cost is across from the lowest $1000 up to $45000.

Why is there so much variation in the cost? The reasons are coming from the work condition and materials you used. More effort and more equipment needed, so does the cost.

Be aware that the jobs needed are sometimes hard to calculate. Who knows that the one you need is only roof repair, and not to replace the whole roof. To really get to know what the exact job is, you can ask for a roof inspector.

You can call a roof inspector from Preventive Support to inspect and find what is the right service you needed.  By using the inspector, you can manage your time and budget way more effectively.


Roof Replacement Cost

Keep in mind that for the roof replacement job we use the term “per square.” The cost to replace a new roof for 100 squares ranged from $5000 - $11000. Usually, the roofer will do the job sequence, from removing the old shingles, preparing and laying the base for new shingles, and the last step is installing the brand new shingles.

Now let’s estimate the material cost.

Imagine your house is typical to the average house size in the USA with 2,200 square foot. The average material cost is ranged from $2500  up to $25000.

Remember to use the estimation for “per square” of work. It will cost you around $100 up to $1000 per square.


Which Shingles To Choose For Roof Replacement?

Basically, 3-tab shingles are used for the roof. These 25 years shingles will cost around $150-$200  for every square. These kinds of shingles are the most economical materials you can choose. But keep in mind that these kinds of shingles are quite vulnerable to wind. Most of the 3-tab might be damaged if it is exposed by 90 MPH wind or more.

If you want a stronger one, you can choose the architectural or laminate shingles.

In roof replacement, you can choose from the 30 years or 50 years architectural shingles. How much is the difference?

You might need to prepare around $350-$500 per square of 30 year architectural shingles.

And for the 50 year shingles that are known as the premium one, you may need a budget between $500 up to $700 or higher for each square of the installation.

A good contractor will offer you the best service and product. You won’t be advised to use cheap materials if they don't fit the environment circumstances around your property. On the other hand, if the standard materials needed are not the premium ones, they won’t force you to use the expensive materials.

A good contractor is all about the openness and the willingness to keep good communication with you.


Factors You Need to Consider

Since we have the average cost, you now need to consider some other factors. The cost associated with the job will depend on several things. If you want to know how to afford a new roof, you can consider the following points:

  • Roof size
  • Materials you want to use
  • Do you want to change the current roof style
  • The roofer contractor you hire

You also want to check how much the standard labor cost in your area. Since there are different costs for different circumstances. For instance, if your area is hit by a storm recently, the labor cost will rise because of the high demand for the job.

You also want to check if some contractor is giving you very low prices that do not make sense. A good contractor won’t burden you but also won’t sacrifice quality only to look “good” or customer friendly.

We, from preventive support will give you the best quality of work with a reasonable price.


The Benefit of Roof Replacement

You can consider roof replacement as a long term investment. Why? Because the roof can be used and last for 20 years minimum!

This can happen because a new roof gives some advantages and added value such as:

  • Since the upper side of the property is the one that is the most easy to see. By replacing it you also do a facelift for your house.
  • A worn out roof is not as good as the new one.
  • Long term investment. A good roof with high quality standards can increase the value of property up to ten thousand dollar or more.


Roof replacement is a good investment. If you need a contractor, don’t hesitate to call us on Preventive Support. We are open for any discussion or question from you.

We look at every house or property as unique. So do you as the owner. We will give you service according to your uniqueness or any other circumstances that become your consideration.

Stop worrying and start fixing. Call Preventive Support to get help you wanted!

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