What is Facia and Cost to Replace It

What is Facia and Cost to Replace It

Fascia is an element on a house or building that adds extra protection and also esthetics to a building. But sometimes it needs to be replaced. Common question that arises is how much does it cost to replace fascia.


When you install a roof, you might see common parts on it. Those common parts usually are fascia and soffit. These two are like dynamic duos that can’t be separated from each other.

When you install these elements together, they can help your upper side of the building by preventing the growth of mold or mildew. Mold can form since the upper parts of a building usually get moist.

Moist can be caused by many factors. But the most common cause is because these parts are exposed by weather. From cold, hot, and sometimes debris or animal activities when they visit your roof as their spot to rest or just doing their things.

Fascia and soffit sometimes can make so many people confused. Because usually these two parts are built together. But the fact is, fascia and soffit have different uses and functions.

By understanding this, you can manage your budget more wisely when it comes to thinking whether you need to do some fixing or renovate your building.


What is Fascia?

Before we go to the fascia cost replacement, let’s find out what fascia is. Because fascia and soffit are common parts that are usually attached together, this article will discuss fascia and also some soffit. By using these two terms, you can get more understanding about the topic.

So, to understand fascia, we talk about soffit first.

Soffit basically is any underside element from a building or a house. You can see these parts on the roof or stairs. When you walk or see a stair and you see the underside of it, it is called soffit.

Fascia on the other hand is a board that builds along the structure where some elements of an exterior are attached to it. The most common example you can easily see is a gutter. Horizontal wood that covers parts between soffit and roof on your house are called fascia boards.


The Function of a Fascia

Every element in your house is built with purpose and function. Fascia may be an element that is rarely seen with naked eye. Its reputation does not seem to have become a favorable one.

The fact is, fascia holds an important function for your buildings. When you have a fascia, it can create some kind of barrier on the roof edge with outer parts of the roof.

Not only that, fascia also makes the edge appearance more smoother. The most important function of a fascia is to protect your house. Especially protection from weather which can damage your roof.

Another most important function from fascia is it becomes a point to the attached gutter. You can also use this point to attach drain pipes. If you don’t have a fascia installed, it will be a hard task to install gutters or drain pipes. Without a gutter, your roof can be mold easily from a puddle or water that stays in your roof.


Fascia Replacement Cost

Fascia is located outside of your property and straight under your roof. So sometimes it will need to be replaced.

Fascia are usually made from wood. These materials give strength and also durability which are long enough to stand from weather and any condition. The prices are also still reasonable. Because wood is a common material used for building a house or property.

Wood fascia replacement if you count based on per square foot is between $3.95 up to $7.20. With the average cost per linear foot of fascia replacement around $15 up to $25.

You also need to consider the cost of fascia installation. Which can reach around $252 up to $384 for the basic installation.

These basic prices can rise from $504 up to $648 for fascia installation.

Overall, the prices are based on where your house or property is located and what are the specifications you want to use.

For further consideration you may need to prepare a budget from $200 - $1000 to replace fascia. The best step is you can consult with the nearest or most reachable contractor to ask everything you need to prepare.

Remember, the easier you can speak to the contractor services, the more quality they have. Because a good contractor is the one who is open to communicating with you.


Tips To Replace Fascia

After you consider so many factors around the fascia replacement, here are other tips you may need to consider.

  1. If you want to DIY, make sure you have the knowledge to do the job. The best advice is to never DIY for the upper section of your property. It's best if you make an extra expenditure and you can keep safe. Safety is the most important thing to consider!
  2. Pick the best quality of wood you can find. More durable means more budget you can save in the long run.
  3. You also want to use the best nails to do the job. Not only that, make sure you nail it right. Fallen fascia caused by the lack quality of nailing is the least thing you want.


Fascia are usually built together with soffit. Sometimes people misunderstood these two as the same element. The truth is fascia and soffit are different parts but usually attached together.

Common times when fascia need to be replaced is when it is time to replace the gutters or when you replace your roof. So you do the work needed for one time only.

Sometimes you may need only to fix or replace your fascia. Make sure that you already count the workforce, and materials you need to consider the best budget.

If you still feel some doubt about replacing the fascia, contact the best contractor online to ask anything you want to know about fascia replacement.

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