Roof Repair in Boca Raton


The roof is a vital part of the house or building. Any roof leaks can cause horrific consequences for the life under the roof. Repairs that are completed properly will add years of additional service life for your home or business. It is obvious that good workmanship will improve the overall performance and life expectancy for the roof. The reason is simple, roofs in good condition last longer. But, there is a big difference between a roof patch and a roof repair.

Most roofers just install a patch over the damaged area. They use self-adhering materials to make their work easy. We will not do that! The PMSS aims to fix roofs holistically by examining carefully the main source of the damages. PMSS provides services that assist our valued customer to assess the roof and make recommendations for holistic repairs. At Preventive Support, we provide and specialize in stopping roof problems. Our corrections not only resolve your issues but will also mitigate the risk of future problems. There are many external and internal causes that can make the roof damaged. Even something small like a loose asphalt shingle or a missing nail can cause problems. Minor repairs or sometimes even worst,  big leak repairs, may be necessary. So never underestimate any damage that occurs in your leaky roof. Remember good roof leak repairs prevent unwanted roof replacements.

We follow the ABCs of roofing maintenance as a guide. This is a great value to our customers

The letter A stands for ‘’attention for detail”

In our repair practice, we put follow attention to detail. We believe that putting attention to every detail in our practice makes a huge difference. It is improvement providing longevity of the roof. We aim to provide the best. Achieving thoroughness and accuracy when accomplishing a task, seems like the right thing to do. And to provides accurate and consistent results. Every roofing project requires different tools, materials, and techniques. We understand exactly what your building needs.

From small home repairs to large commercial repairs, our experts are ready to work with your existing roofing system. Our roof solution will be made with materials that meet or exceed the existing. Our experts know the ins and outs of all kinds of roofing systems. This includes shingle, tile, metal, modified bitumen, TPO membrane and EPDM rubber membrane roofs. Our high attention to detail and top of the line products policy has created satisfied customers and referrals.

Furthermore, we have completed thousands of projects using only the highest-quality materials and innovative techniques. We know that building or repairing a sturdy roof involves much more than just nailing shingles in place. Are crews use a unique step-by- step process that includes a thorough inspection. Then we followed up with attention to detail. No other roofing company can provide these services equally.

The letter B stands for “best roofing practices”

At Preventive Supports, we believe in using the best products and expert craftsmanship. The roof is an essential part of the building. Providing the best roofing practices is the only way to make the roof last. Our number one priority is to implement the best roofing practices. We  safely and efficient install roofing solutions. In so we drive down the number of call-backs and defects to zero.

Research shows that defective design work contributes more than 50% of roofing failures. Poor workmanship contributes to 30% of premature roofing failure. Most workmanship errors by contractors is due to ignorance and poor supervision. Skilled workers are usually supplemented with less experienced transient labor. Inexperienced workers and inadequate supervision guarantees problems.

We see these everyday in the field. About 60% our repairs have been patched by another roofer before. Completely demolish of the affected area is completed by our professionally trains men. We remove all of the roofing materials to the exposed plywood. Then we replace any rotten wood and install all new roofing materials. these materials are equal or better quality than the existing. Our repairs are guaranteed to stop the leak on our first visit. We also provide thorough checks and supervision. Consequently, we are the best roofing contractor in South Florida.

Our experts have extensive skills and experiences in all roofing aspects. All of our teams are certified and trained to handle the most difficult of circumstances. Safety code compliance is a main concern for us. Our experts are professionally trained and comply with them all. This keeps You,  the public, your tenants and our employees safe. Furthermore, we have great customer service. We give each customer a free estimate. We supervise the work and use quality materials. Finally, we ensure every bit of debris is off your property before we leave.

Letter C stands for “continuous supervision”

All types of roofs require a certain level of attention. In reality, from the moment of installation, the roofing system undergoes continuous deterioration. Extreme temperature fluctuations as well as snow, ice, hail, and wind prevail upon the roofing surface. In short, the elements are the biggest deterrents to the roof system over its service life. Traffic on the roof and the installation of mechanical and other equipment can also cause physical damage. These can lead to roofing failures. In conclusion, roofing system requires to be under constant supervision. We can provide this kind of service. Further damage  is prevented with constant and frequent supervision.

We can provide regular maintenance and inspects. Part of our plan is to check its condition. The we develop a plan of action and execute it.


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