Tile Roof Repair Cost

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How Much Does  a Tile Roof Repair Cost?

The ultraviolet rays of the sun, intense heat, and harsh weather make problems for to tile roofs. Regardless, tile roofs can last up to 50 years. The contractor you select to fix it needs to be certified and make a profession repair if your roof is leaking. In order to save time and make more money, some contractors don’t care about their work and let their crews cut corners. They install a patch over the suspected roof leak area. It is better to find experienced roofers that have tile roof repair crews that are trained to make a thorough repair instead of patches. Tile roof repairs take a three man crew a full day and are very complicated. The cost for tile roof repairs is about $950.00 and come with a 12-month warranty. Let examine the kind of repair that commonly needed in a tile roof.

Tile Roof Valleys

When water falls into this valley it travels beneath the tiles downhill. Since most tiles are held on with nails, over time the nails rust and allow water into the house. It is advisable not using nails to hold the tile on. It is recommended to use approved mastic so the roof repair lasts much longer.

Rotten fascia

Rotten fascia is almost always the result of a roof leak above. Apparently, in most cases, its repair is more complicated than one might think. Before the fascia can be changed, the roofing and metal flashings have to come off. So, a fascia repair always means that a roof repair above is required as well.

Roof Penetrations & skylights

Penetrations can be problems when water makes its way under the tiles through the gap around the object. Once water gets under the tiles the similar situation happens as in a valley repair. The water runs across the nails holding the tiles and a roof leak begins.

Cracked or Broken Roof Tiles

It is really vital to get cracked tiles fixed. The same thing happens as in valleys and penetrations. A roof leak starts when water gets under the tiles, rusts the nails holding the tiles. There are a lot of roof companies out there, It is important that you choose a trustworthy company in order to take the time to truly find and solve the problems on your roof.

In the tile roof repairs, few steps need to take into consideration. Herewith how the tile roof repair process should be made.

  • Remove the roof tiles in the affected area until no wood with water stains can be found
  • Replace the wood, sometimes the trusses below need new wood as well
  • Install new roofing materials and tuck them neatly in shingle fashion beneath the underlayment above
  • Seal the perimeter edge with mastic and membrane
  • Put the tiles back in place using mastic not nails.

If your roof was poorly installed or is of low-quality material, you may encounter more problems than you would like and you need to call a professional roof company to help you out.


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