Roofers near me - in the Boca Raton Florida area

Roofers near me

Roofers near me

Type that into Google and you’ll get a long list off roofers in your area. The results at the very top of the page are paid results. The roofers paying Google the most per click at the very top. Next will be the local pack. That will be roofers close to your home and with strong websites. And finally, is a list of “generic” companies. Some will be local, and a good number will be national companies like Home Adviser and Angie’s List. So how does one choose the best roofing contractor for your job?

Selecting a roofing contractor

Understand that national referral services, like Home Adviser and Angie’s List, promote advertisers that pay the most, just like the Google ads at the top of the page, you will never see contractors that do not pay to advertise with them. The first ones you see will be the highest paying. First seen contractors, on these services, show based on how much they spend advertise and has nothing to do with their reviews. It’s a bit miss leading but true.

So, what makes a roofing contractor exceptional? There are three characteristics all good roofers share; Experience, supervision and accountability.

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A roofing companies experience counts.

All roofing companies in Florida are required to have a licensed individual to qualify the company. This person really needs to be a “bin there, done it” kind. Someone who has spent years working in the hot sun doing every task from mundane to complex. They need to have felt the pain of removing and starting over jobs that were done incorrectly the first time.

A roofing companies supervision counts.

The average roofer tends to produce as little as he is allowed to. I’m not condemning the entire industry, but truthfully, field guys will cut corners if not supervised. I’m not sure why, as they are paid by the hour and would make more if they took longer. There has to be someone in management that checks on each critical step in the process.

A roofing companies accountability policy counts.

What happens when management discovers a corner cut needs to be a painful experience for the perpetrator. It could be one guys or even an entire crew. The first best reaction is to have the guilty completely remove and start over. The mistake was made in an effort to save time. Having them spend even more time starting over is always unpleasant. Likewise, some time off and a hit to the wallet is effective.

Preventive Maintenance Support Services approach to quality control.

We opened our doors in 1994 and have evolved our control process to a simple and fine-tuned approach. First and foremost, each job gets surprise visits from management. One of my favorite ploys is to leave a jobsite telling the crew I will see them back at the office, just to return and make a surprise inspection in an hour or two. I also like to have a management team member show up and wrap up the crew at the end of the day. This prevents the “hurry up lets get out of here” problems.

Photographs used for quality control

We have pictures of every job we have completed since 1998. I’m a real believer in it. Each job has critical steps and we require every roofer to take pictures of that completed task. We used to copy and past them into a directory on a computer of the client’s name. Our process has evolved far beyond that now. We now have roofing crews email pictures in with a job number as a reference. Our system checks that email each 10 minutes and automatically saves the pictures, and written notes in the email, into a Dropbox directory. Our management team and the client are noticed on each new entry and can watch the project progress in real time.

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