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Roof Maintenance and Life Expectancy

We rely on our walls and roofs to protect us from all elements, but both internal and external factors can compromise our buildings. Its vital that repairs are made quickly when they are needed in order to prevent the problem from getting even worst. It's also important to use quality repair materials and proper repair techniques. When you contact Preventative Maintenance Support Services Company for repair work, you can depend on us to stop the deterioration and to restore your home or commercial building with solid workmanship, click here to read our customer testimonials.


Do I Need a New Roof Installed

The signs you need a new roof appear subtly at first and rapidly amplify into unmistakable problems. Discoloration and sagging areas hint that your roof requires professional attention and these problems will only grow each day they aren't addressed. Wet spots and water damaged areas of your ceiling also indicate that your roof needs professional attention. Other signs you need to have your roof repaired include cracked or dislodged shingles or tiles. Your roof's shingles & tiles are your home's first line of defense against precipitation. For over 30 years our qualifying contractor Kristian has been supervising roofing repair and replacement crews, hands on.


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But we are not just roofers!

We are also licensed General Contractors, Air-Conditioning and Mold Contractors. We have separate crews for other trades such as:


At Preventative Maintenance Support Services Company, we'll track down your home's problem to its source before we repair the observable damage. Contact us today at (561) 586-5655 for assistance in Boynton Beach.


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