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Need to repair your home’s roof? Call your Boca Raton roofer at (561) 586-5655. This page will help you decide if you need to call for roofing services. We offer roof repairs or complete re-roofing on all types of roofs. And all of our work comes with extended warranties. As an experienced, full service roofing contractor, we help homeowners with a wide range of roofing issues.  Protect your property against potential problems by calling us.  Our teams offer quality residential roofing repairs in the Boca Raton area. Read our customer reviews to see what your neighbors are saying about are roofer!

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Cracked or missing roof tiles

Roof tiles use nails or foam adhesive to secure them. With "foam on" systems cracked or missing tiles are not so bad. Water falling in the crack can travel down hill and no leaks may occur. Conversely, cracks and missing tiles are a real problem for "nail on" roof tiles. Water running under the tiles pass across the nails. The nails rust in time. This causes roof leaks. So, its important to fix cracked tiles and replace missing ones. We use a special mastic to glue the cracked roof tiles. We use a similar mastic to attach replacement roof tiles instead of nails. Why recreant the problem, right? A good roofer will assist you with this.

Tile roof penetrations

Anything penetrating the roof tile system is a potential problem. These can be pipes, vents or even skylights. Stucco is used to seal around the penetration in the roof. The stucco cracks over time. Water the falls and travels under the tiles. The same scenario is created as stated in the paragraph above. Hire a licensed roofing contractor.

Missing or damaged roof  shingles

One common issue is missing or damaged shingles. This can happen in extreme weather. Or, it may happen over time as your roof ages. Our residential roofer will determine if we can replace the shingles. We can help you assess if a repair is in order or if you need to budget for a complete new roof. Trust only a licensed roofing contractor to fix your roof leak. Never use a handyman.  By definition a handyman is an unlicensed contractor. They love to cut corners and they don't like to come back and fix their mistakes. Improperly installed shingles will become loose or fall off. If the shingles are not fixed, serious damage will occur. This will lead to a costly repair work. Professional roofing contractor will help you avoid this.

Curling roof shingles

Damage from severe weather or long term damage will cause this. Moisture develops in attics not ventilated.  The humidity we experience in Florida can cause the roof to develop mold, decreasing its lifespan. If your shingles show natural wear, we will repair or replace them for you. A roofing company should inspect any damage, no mater how small. We will make sure that you won’t have to deal with any subsequent issues, such as water spots on your ceiling.  Our roofer guaranties it.


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If you suspect a problem with your current roof and need repair, or you think it’s time to replace it altogether, call our team for help. We will assess the problem and let you know if a repair or whole-roof replacement will be more beneficial to you in the long run. Our experts will improve the look and function of your roof while making sure you are protected from further damage. Always hire a licensed roofing contractor

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