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P.M.S.S. specializes in residential and commercial concrete services. We pride ourselves on knowledge in a wide range of concrete work. On this page we will discuss what concrete is and how it works. Specific information on our concrete services is available at the following links.

Concrete Contractor

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Concrete is a magical building material that makes modern life possible. It is unique. There is no burning or rusting. It’s heavy and will be around for a long time. Concrete starts as a thick plastic liquid. Molds turn it into many useful shapes.

How to make Concrete

The recipe is simple. Starting with Portland cement, gravel, sand and water. Portland cement is limestone baked into submission at 3000 degrees. A common concrete ratio is one part Portland cement, two parts sand and three parts gravel. Enough water for curing or about 5 gallons per 100lbs cement. We hand mix, machine mix or purchase our concrete in truck loads. A pump may be needed to get truck loads of cement into place on your property.

Hydration, the process of concrete curing

The cure process for concrete is a chemical one. That is to say, concrete does not dry. Water is not a transfer agent. The water does not evaporate and leave the concrete like water in paint. The reaction between Portland cement is referred to as “hydration”. It is an exothermic chemical reaction and gives off heat. The final weight of the concrete is roughly equal to the sum of the four ingredients. There is not much waist.

Concrete Additives

There are many additives for concrete mixtures. They improve performance like:

Slowing down cure time
Speeding up cure time
Reducing shrinkage
Fiberglass “fibers” can increase its strength
And may more….

Concrete is super durable. But the combination of steel reinforcement and concrete is tenacious. There is more steel in concrete than you might expect.


Professional Concrete Services

Preventative Maintenance Support Services Company are experts on concrete pin pile installation for residential and commercial projects in South Florida.Our professional concrete services help your home or business withstand the extreme weather it faces in South Florida. Preventative Maintenance offers professional concrete services in Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, Boca Raton and surrounding communities. We are licensed and insured, use superior quality materials and offer an extended warranty on all of our concrete services.

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