The Difference Between Flat Roof Maintenance and Regular Roof

The Difference Between Flat Roof Maintenance and Regular Roof

Flat Roof Maintenance

is maintenance for a flat roof different

Flat roofs are popular with many people, however, they do require a different sort of roofing maintenance. Keep in mind that there are several types of flat roofs such as built up roofs, single ply membrane roofs, modified bitumen roofs, raised seam metal roofs, liquid or spray flat roofs and green roofs.

Maintaining a roof is similar for most homes; however, if you have a flat roof, maintenance has a few areas that are different from other roofs. Flat roofs are the same as with other roofs when installing gutter guards, cleaning your gutters or fixing any rusting or loose screws.

Another maintenance step that is similar to other roofs is clearing your roof off of debris such as twigs, leaves and small branches. Unnecessary debris on your roof stops the water from coming off your roof and clogs your gutters. Dirt and debris and leaves should also be removed from your gutters and roof crevices; as well as from your downpipes. Other types of maintenance for flat roofs are: checking seams, inspecting flashing for cracked and damaged caulk, repairing any punctures and checking the joint between the roof and house for signs of cracking, separation of materials or other damage.

Before winter strikes, limbs that hang over your flat roof should be cut back. This will help reduce the number of leaves that fall on your roof and any branches that may fall off during winter storms. Holes and indentations should also be inspected. Indentations on a flat roof can be dangerous because water will gather there and cause weakness. In addition, gutter guards will help keep your flat roof in good shape.

To conclude, flat roofs are great looking and maintaining them is similar to most roofs. However, there are a few different areas, such as checking for indentations. But, the time and effort that is put into them is well worth the effort.

If you need a professional roofer hire a licensed roofing contractor not a handyman

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