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Commercial Flat Re-Roofing in Oakland Park

This condominium roof is 30,000 sft. We removed it, replaced all rotten wood, installed a three ply conventional asphalt roof, new shop fabricated metal flashing and a all new drain system. We passed all of our inspections by the City and issued a 12 year leak free warranty.
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The Difference Between Flat Roof Maintenance and Regular Roof

Flat Roof Maintenance Flat roofs are popular with many people, however, they do require a different sort of roofing maintenance. Keep in mind that there are several types of flat roofs such as built up roofs, single ply membrane roofs, modified bitumen roofs, raised seam metal roofs, liquid or spray flat roofs and green roofs. Maintaining…
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Mistakes You Should Avoid When Reroofing

Mistakes You Should Avoid When Reroofing Don’t invest in a new roof only to discover that most of the old leaks are still leaking By Dick Fricklas REROOFING CAN MEAN an end to a series of frustrating leaks and contractor callbacks. Or it can be a frustrating and costly time period. The difference is proper…
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