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The Difference Between Flat Roof Maintenance and Regular Roof

Flat Roof Maintenance Flat roofs are popular with many people, however, they do require a different sort of roofing maintenance. Keep in mind that there are several types of flat roofs such as built up roofs, single ply membrane roofs, modified bitumen roofs, raised seam metal roofs, liquid or spray flat roofs and green roofs. Maintaining…
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Benefits of Using Asphalt Shingles on Your Roof

Benefits of Using Asphalt Shingles for Your Roof There are many benefits of purchasing and using asphalt shingles on a new roof. While it may not be apparent at first, the advantages of installing this product on your home includes such benefits as: Easy Installation: It is the easiest form of shingles to install. They are…
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Roof Maintenance Can Increase Your House Value

Benefits Of Getting Your Roof Professionally Maintained Do you have a leak in your roof? Is your attic cold and moldy? Are rodents making a home of your crawl space? If maintaining your roof is something you are looking to do there is no quick, easy, or cheap way around it. You should look into…
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