Poured Concrete

Concrete slabs are used extensively in South Florida architecture, from simple applications including sidewalks and driveways to more complex jobs including walls, ceilings and reinforced concrete floors.

concrete driveway


Concrete driveways offer several benefits over asphalt driveways, particularly in Southern Florida. The lighter material stays cooler in intense sunlight, looks better against lighter-colored homes and businesses and is more resistant to the weather and the formation of potholes.

Concrete driveways perform better than paver stones, unless the pavers are laid over concrete. Paver stone on sand will always sink and require periodic adjusting. The worst thing about pavers is the non stop irritating weed growth. If you plan on getting a paver deck, make sure your ready to buy plenty of Roundup to keep the weeds at bay.

decorative concrete

Driveway Repair

We can take an old concrete driveway, repair it, texture is and make it look like new again

textured concrete driveway

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