What is Foam Roof Restoration?

Foam Roof RestorationFoam roof restoration is usually pretty simple. When your foam roof obtains tiny mechanically caused damages for any type of equipment, the repair can be simply completed with a caulking gun. However, if the roof gets major damage done, it is best to seal off the area with new layers of foam and coating.

Sometimes foam roofing can get blisters, which is usually caused by high amounts of moisture. Although, these blisters are usually fine left alone, they generally do not cause any major destruction. Do not attempt to fix your foam roof alone. All repairs should be done by a roofing company. But, if you can not wait for a roofing company, there are some foam repair kits that are for emergencies you can buy. The procedure for large repairs done to foam roofs go as follows: The company cuts and takes out the wet and injured areas of the foam roof. They have to take off the aged foam down to the nice and dry foam and then make sure that the roof is totally dry before they can move on. They now would move onto the use of a grinding wheel (or any other tool they may choose to use for this part) to cut into the roof away from the blister for a tie-in repair with the repair foam.

The team would patch up any of the problems that they could find in the bottom deck. Using foam is pretty simple. Replacement foam should just take a little bit of time to set up and dry. The foam will have to be coated with the right coating to prevent any damage that could happen in the future. A company may want to coat the entire foam roof with the coating to further protect against any UV damage that could happen in the near future.

Foam roofs are usually completely easier to maintain and do repairs on than any other type of roofing. Any roofer worth his salt can make repairs to a foam roof. These roofs last a couple lifetimes longer than the normal roof. You have to make sure however, that you take care of your roof to ensure it’s long life.

Protect yourself. Hire a licensed roofing contractor!

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