Roofing University Rebranding: CAM Course

Roofing University Rebranding: CAM Course

AUGUST 28, 2001


Boca Raton, Florida — The State of Florida takes the management of community associations very seriously.  In order to become a state licensed association manager, one must take a state exam.  In order to keep that license, managers must attend continuing education courses each year.  Preventive Maintenance Support Services Company’s Roofing University will now fill part of that requirement by providing students with four hours of continuing education credits in the area of Operation of the Community Association’s Physical Property.  Roofing University provides students with an earful of information and handouts covering alternatives to re-roofing, hurricane preparation, insurance, contract law, and systems management.  Three main points are presented.  First,Preventive Maintenance Support Services Company saves money over the life of the roof system.  Second,Preventive Maintenance Support Services Company is required by most warranties to maintain their validity, and third, many insurance claims are rejected ifPreventive Maintenance Support Services Company is not performed, regardless of the circumstances of the claim- including hurricane damage!

“This is very exciting,” said Vice President of Preventive Maintenance Support Services Company, Kris Irr, “because we are the only roofing company to be providing this type of valuable information to the people who need it.  Having the state recognize the significance of the program with this certification is really important to us.  We’ll do everything possible to uphold state regulations and make each and every class we present the best it can be!”


The first course date is set for Tuesday, October 22nd at the Hilton in Deerfield Beach.  The Hilton is located just off of Hillsborough Boulevard at 100 Fairway Drive.  Licensed managers who wish to attend can call 1-877-341-1428 (toll free) for details.  The State of Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation course number is 0006131 and the course provides 4 credit hours.  The registration cost is set for $125.00 per participant.

Course Instructors are Henry Hillman, a licensed engineer with over 20 years experience including designing the City of Miami Zoo and serving as City Engineer for Boca Raton; Bill Millard, who was facility manager in the US Army, Hughes Aircraft, and Raytheon; and Kris Irr, a state certified and licensed roofing contractor, who has over 15 years experience as a small business owner and over 10 years in the Roofing Industry.  He is also a member of the Building Owners and Management Association (BOMA) of South Florida.

Roofing University was first given in June as a free seminar.  The seminar attracted over 50 participants from various municipalities, county and national organizations.

For further information, please contact Bill Millard at 1-561-586-5655

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