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Understanding Roofing System Warranties Residential Roof Warranties There are two types of warranties for residential roofing systems. The manufactures of the materials and the installing roofing contractor. When dealing with the manufacturers warranty one must keep in mind that roofing systems have many parts and pieces. There is an "underlayment", fasteners and the tiles or…
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Roofing University Rebranding: CAM Course

AUGUST 28, 2001 ROOFING UNIVERSITY BECOMES A FLORIDA CERTIFIED COMMUNITY ASSOCATION MANAGER (CAM) COURSE Boca Raton, Florida — The State of Florida takes the management of community associations very seriously.  In order to become a state licensed association manager, one must take a state exam.  In order to keep that license, managers must attend continuing education…
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Roofing University: Roof Training at South Florida

 Roof Training – Roofing University opens in South Florida and exposes the secrets of roofing for Commercial Real Estate Managers  Boca Raton, Florida – May 19, 2001   To provide Commercial Real Estate professionals with information about today’s roofing industry, there will be a half-day (9a.m.-1p.m.) “Roofing University” on June 19th at the Deerfield Beach…
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