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Roofing University Rebranding: CAM Course

AUGUST 28, 2001 ROOFING UNIVERSITY BECOMES A FLORIDA CERTIFIED COMMUNITY ASSOCATION MANAGER (CAM) COURSE Boca Raton, Florida — The State of Florida takes the management of community associations very seriously.  In order to become a state licensed association manager, one must take a state exam.  In order to keep that license, managers must attend continuing education…
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Benefit Of Periodic Roof Maintenance

The Benefits of Preventive Roof Maintenance Convincing nonroofing experts about the importance of preventive maintenance is a difficult task. Here are some tips to make the job easier. By Peter KalingerPlanned and regular maintenance is essential to ensure that any roof will provide satisfactory performance for its full-expected life. In the light of current economic…
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Improve Your Roofing – Roof Maintenance Plan

Improving your Roofing What PMSS Preventive Maintenance Plan is and what it can do…for you Congratulations!  If you are reading this it means that you are considering a preventive maintenance program for your facility, community, municipality, or school district.  The decision to conduct regular preventive maintenance should be an easy one.  Unfortunately, most folks think…
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Preventive Maintenance Support Services Company, Inc. ROOF MAINTENANCE PROGRAM This document contains a brief discussion of the ROOF SYSTEM program used by PMSS to maintain our customer’s roof inventory.  The program has reduced roof maintenance expenditures by 65% at local institutions similar to yours.  We’re sure the program will perform equally as well for you.…
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