Improve Your Roofing - Roof Maintenance Plan

Improve Your Roofing – Roof Maintenance Plan

Improving your Roofing

What PMSS Preventive Maintenance Plan is and what it can do…for you

Congratulations!  If you are reading this it means that you are considering a preventive maintenance program for your facility, community, municipality, or school district.  The decision to conduct regular preventive maintenance should be an easy one.  Unfortunately, most folks think that they save money by not performing regular preventive maintenance on their roofs.  You may have heard us say this before, but the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) estimates that you can reduce the life of your roof system by as much as 50% if you DO NOT perform regular preventive maintenance.

The fact is that preventive maintenance costs pennies and saves dollars – lots of them.  The Roofing Industry Educational Institute estimates that for a new roof that costs $300,000 to install, Preventive Maintenance can save you just over $100,000 over the twenty-year life of that system.  How does Preventive maintenance save you money?  Preventive maintenance saves you money three ways: by keeping your warranty valid; by extending the life of your roof; and by eliminating the cost of high-priced emergency repairs.

What do you get with a Preventive maintenance program?  We can’t speak for others, but our program, “Improving your roofing,” provides you with the four pillars of maintenance:

  1. Annual inspections- Every roof, both new and old, requires an annual inspection to ensure minor problems don’t become major ones.  All deficiencies are measured and recorded, making potential problems easier to find should they become real problems later on.  These inspections can include moisture surveys, digital and infra-red photos, and all inspections include a report back to you with a detailed description of all shortcomings as well as recommendations about what we need to do to fix them.  Small repairs are taken care of on-the-spot during the inspection at no charge.
  1. Annual cleanings- Cleanings mean different things for different roofs, but based on the type of roof you have our cleaning may include clearing drains, collecting debris, or even cleaning with a pressure washer.  Regular cleanings can prevent foreign materials from eating through the roof you paid for, and can add years to the life of your roof.
  1. ON-CALL Emergency response-  Even the best inspections cannot prevent some problems  from occurring with no notice.  But when you “Proof Your Roof” with PMSS, we’ll be at your door within 24 hours to fix the leak now.  We’ll reduce the leak from an “emergency status” to “urgent.”  No more water.  Period.  And, if the cause of the leak is indicative of a larger problem, PMSS will evaluate what the cause is and provide you options of what to do to stop the leak from coming back.  “Emergency Response” gives you peace of mind.
  2. Record maintenance- By “improving your roofing” with PMSS, you can be assured of maintaining a complete record of all maintenance, repairs and expenditures, including all warranty data, pictures, reports, correspondence and whatever you would like us to manage for you, as long as you are a client- absolutely free of charge.  All records are available for you to review, take home or print electronically- 24-hours a day.  No one else in roofing can make that offer.  That’s why “Improving your roofing” with PMSS makes good sense and saves you cents on every dollar!

I hope I’ve been able to demonstrate how much you receive as a proud owner of a contract for preventive maintenance.  The last question you need answered is: How much?  The cost of your preventive maintenance program is determined by three things:  the age of the roof; the square footage; and the condition of the roof at the time the program is initiated.  Preventive Maintenance programs for older or poorly maintained roof systems will cost slightly more than programs for nearly new systems, however the difference is insignificant compared to the savings.  Let us perform a free visual inspection and tell you what we think.  We’re sure that the money you spend on Preventive maintenance will be peanuts compared to the money you save.  Once you“proof your roof” with PMSS, you’ll never want to go back to having to think about managing your roofs without us, again.  And when your phone rings with a tenant complaint- you’ll feel confident that you can call us and we’ll be there.  The problem will be solved quickly and efficiently.  So why not begin saving $$$$ today?

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