Roofing System to Save Money

Roofing System to Save Money

Roofing System to Save Money

Depending on where you may live, the needs of the roofing system will vary. Because of the environmental elements in different geographical regions, your roof may be more exposed to severe weather than those in different climates.

Because of this, you may have fewer resources that are readily available. Based on the need in your area, you may have fewer roofers available to you than an area that experiences regular hail or rain. Installation for roofs is a difficult process and requires a great amount of skill and training.

When it comes to repairing or even inspecting your rooftop, you will want a professional to take a look and ensure that the job is being done well. Depending on the type of roof that you may have, a different process is often set in place.

The Variety of Roofing System

  • Solar Roofing- With technology improving, we are now able to improve the cost of electricity for your home with solar roofing. These shingles are great if you live in a warm and sunny climate. Solar roofing is often a general term for a variety of subcategories but one of the costliest options is solar tiles.
  • Asphalt Roofing- With shingles made out of asphalt, these shingles take the spot of #1 when it comes to popularity. They work in a wide array of areas and are effective roofing in harsher climes. They are extremely durable and the least expensive. These shingles on average have a lifespan of 20 years. While there are a variety of asphalt shingles, there are additional options for upgrades. For example, if you live in a location that has harsher environmental factors, you can upgrade to a higher class of absorbent shingles which could potentially help you save money on your homeowner’s insurance cost.
  • Metal Roofing- While this often gives a more industrial look, these shingles have a few variations. As they sound, they are made out of metal. This helps repel extreme weather conditions like harsh snow and hail. These panels can be more costly and they also are noisy as they echo the sound of stormy rain and hail. They can often easily dent as well. It’s something that is generally not covered by your home insurance so it’s important to consider the cost of repair when you decide on metal roofing. Also, considering rust as the water rests for days on the metal without ever drying properly. That kind of corrosion can be pricey to replace or fix.
    Steel with Stone-Coating- These types of shingles imitate panels that are similar to slate, clay, and shingles. They are great at resisting high winds and freezing rain. This is an inexpensive option for areas that are commonly hit by extreme weather and hail.
  • Slate- This is the strongest kind of roofing. This is a time-proof roofing style that lasts over a century. It’s resistant to fire, mold, and corrosion. It is not intended to be trodden on. If you’re in an area where hail is heavy, this may not be the best choice for you.
  • Rubber Slate- This looks natural but imitates the look of regular slate. This roofing also outlasts most of its competitors. It can be sliced thin with a blade so that it fits custom sizes of homes. The downside to this kind of roofing is that it can be damaged easily. It’s also quite a challenge to find someone who can install this easily.
  • Tile- Clay and concrete roof tiles are heavy-duty and can take quite a beating during extreme weather. Even during earthquakes, tiles are the best at withstanding long term damage. These kinds of tiles are also great examples of roofing that work well in warm and dry environments. These tiles do require additional infrastructure to support when they are required to take on any additional weight.
  • Green Roofs- This is an unorthodox alternative to the standard roofing ideas that you may have heard of. These are roofs that are covered in grass and plants. Like most landscaping projects, they do require additional work. They help increase the retention of heat within the home. While this requires much more upkeep, it can serve as an environmentally friendly way to protect your home.

Built-up roofing- This type of roofing does take levels of different materials in order to create a solid roof surface. It is built of layers of tar, and asphalt mended together by layers of adhesive. The shortcomings of these roofs are the temperature they can reach as the heat rises. They don’t last as long as other roofs and can be taken a toll upon easily by the weather.

When you are educated on the roofing system and types, you can understand the right kind of roof for you.

Saltbox Roofs

Mansard Roofs

Gambrel Roofs

Pyramid Roofs

Hip Roofs

Cross Gabled Roofs

Flat Roofs

Bonnet Roofs

Skillion Roofs


Butterfly Roofs

Curved Roofs

Domed Roofs

Every roof needs to be taken care of no matter what kind of roofing system you are using. While you maintaining your roof, you’ll need to know the material and build so that you can find the right resources.

The maintenance that you take into consideration has such high importance to ensure that the roof is well taken care of. By scheduling routine maintenance, you will avoid long term damage and expense. By scheduling four regular inspections annually, you’ll find that the work you do in maintenance is decreased overall because minor defects are easily resolved.

During these inspections, you want to look for extreme opportunities for repair. This includes any blockage or water build-up. If you see debris that can be catching water of creating decay, it is imperative to clean up in a safe way. To prevent mold and fungus build-up you’ll need additional looks around the shingles to identify opportunities.

In order to properly maintain your roof in an inexpensive manner, you’ll want to invest money in proper inspections and roofing professionals. While it seems like an inconvenient expense, it in the long term these small expenses to pay for your roofing system done by professionals do save you from paying large expenses as a whole. Investing in quality resources and qualified professionals is the best course of action for your home’s roof.

Benefits of Better Roof Materials in Your Roofing System:

Superior Insulation
Longer Life
Fewer Repairs
Fewer Leaks
Better protection
Less Downtime

How a Great Roofing Contractor Can Give You The Best Roofing System

While installation of the roofing system seems like it can be simple, the risks that come with installation are high. Quality supplies for installation are costly but quality does come at a price.

Also, installation is costly. As referenced above, quality work can cost a pretty penny. It would be unwise to pay an inexperienced roofer to work on your roof. Because of their inexperience, it is more likely to cost you more in the long run.

Great Contractors Have an Eye for Your Roof’s Needs

When a quality contractor takes a look at your roof, they know exactly what they are looking for. They will be able to quickly identify the points that are most important to repair immediately.

They will be able to give you a good course of action that will set up a plan for your roofing system specifically. With a quality roofer, you will be able to trust that you have the correct materials and supplies to correct any concerns on your roof.

This can give you peace of mind about the upcoming projects you may need to do to maintain a functional roof.

Quality Contractors Do it Right

If you’re trying to short cut the work that you need to be done on your roof, you’ll only be cheating yourself. With this kind of work, it’s important that you go for a quality contractor that takes the work of the roofing system very seriously.

Without the surety that you have with a roofer that can provide the right work, you may make simple mistakes that leave your roof vulnerable to additional environmental exposures. With the future of your roof, you want to leave it in the hands of a skilled professional.

Trust Your Contractor For Life

One of the best victories of using a quality contractor is the relationship that you build with your roofing professional. The roofer that you work with will create a bond with you so that you can become consistent with your appointments and keep a vigilant watch on your roof.

Whatever is the roofing job is; thus may vary from roofing system design, repair, or roof replacement.  While your roofer may already have a good reputation with other members of your community, when you create this relationship, you also know their reputation on a private level.

When you create this bond with your roofer, you’ll have a better understanding of the needs of your home and be able to work effectively together to avoid unexpected costs and roofing replacements.


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