A ROOF LEAK REPAIR that will protect your home from damage.

The roof is a vital part of your house. Roof leaks can cause terrible damage inside. Properly executed repairs add years of additional service life for your home or business. It is obvious that good workmanship will improve the performance and life expectancy for your roof. The reason is simple, roofs in good condition last longer. But, there is a big difference between a roof patch and a roof repair.

In this article we will discuss the necessary management of a roof leak repair. The best supervision required to ensure you get the most for your money. If your more interested in the techniques of roof leak repairs try one of these.

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Most roofers just install a patch over the damaged area on the roof. They use self-adhering materials to make their work easy. We will not do that! Preventive Maintenance goal is to fix roofs methodically. By making a detailed assessment for the source of the damage. And providing top quality workmanship. Preventive Maintenance will stop your leaking roof on the first try, guarantied. Our repair will mitigate the risk of future problems.

In order to make an excellent repair and improvement for our valued customer, we follow the ABCs of roofing maintenance as a guide.

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The letter A stands for ‘’attention for detail”

It's about being thorough and accurate with the work. Attention to detail is the ability to achieve thoroughness and accuracy when accomplishing a task. Quality repairs can only be truly successful when each step in broken down individually. A methodical process must be followed. Each milestone in the roof repair procedure is scrutinized. Its like using a microscope on each roof repair. Each item in the repair has a place on the check list. As an example, plywood must be nailed down each 4 inches. Its not enough the guys just eyeball it. We make the members of the crew actually get the tape out and measure it. Checking our work at this level ensures a successful roof leak repair every time.

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The letter B stands for “best roofing practices”

That is a set of criteria relating to the standard functioning and carrying out of operations in roofing. The accepted requirements followed by the members of the roofing industry. Provides an orderly adoption of application standards used by roofers. It is a crucial tool for developing and meeting industry goals. There is no occasion when our rules for repairs can be ignored. At no time can a repair crew call the office and suggest an alternate method. The guys do not have the authority to change the strategy.

Our method is simple. Tear the roof off to the exposed substrate. Keep tearing off until they get to clean wood. Repair the substrate. And finally, install new roofing materials that are of better quality than the existing. No corner cutting while installing the new materials is allowed. They must follow the manufactures instillation instruction to a tee. All of the Florida Building Code requirements must be met.

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Letter C stands for “continuous supervision”

Its human nature for people to change circumstances and make life easier. In construction that can take the form of cutting corners. And this can spiral our of control if let unchecked. PMSS has a supervisor inspect every job at least one time per day. In doing so, the guys have to concerned they get caught breaking protocol. Its important. Furthermore, our proprietary Customer Relation Management system automatically saves pictures of the work. Every critical step in the roof repair is documented and saved. These can be made available to our clients upon request. We have implemented this strategy since our companies inception in 1994. It has served our clients well. It is why we have been in business so long

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