Chimney Leaks Repair in West Palm Beach

Chimney Leaks Repair in West Palm Beach

Leaking Chimney Repair for Mr. C

You would probably find it hard to believe how many home have chimneys in South Florida. There are a lot!. Like most structures in our area, anything above the first floor is usually built with wood frame, wire lath and stucco. Most home owners don't paint very often and small crack develop in the stucco. At first its not a problem, but over time, the cracks allow water to penetrate and reach the wire lath and wood. Obviously the wire begins to rust and the wood rots. Most people don't look at the chimney very often and the problem goes unnoticed until the damage is fairly extensive. We repair chimney almost every week. So, if your chimney has extensive stucco damage, call the South Florida chimney repair experts

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