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How Much Does It Cost to Rebuild Chimney?

Chimney is an important part inside your house. Especially for the end of the year. You need a chimney as a funnel for the smoke from your fireplace. Chimney - just like your roof - is located at the top of the property. It is exposed by weather, animals, and other elements such as snow,…
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Chimney Repair Cost Cap and Spark Arrestor

A spark arrestor and rain cap on a chimney top are designed to prevent wood embers from floating up the chimney and landing nearby on combustible materials namely a neighbors wood roof, dry grass, dry tree branches or other things that will easily catch fire. These hot embers from the fireplace can start a fire…
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Chimney Repair Cost

Chimney Repair Cost - Cap and spark arrestor $850.00 A chimney is a vertical tube designed to draw combustion products (smoke and gasses) from an appliance like a woodstove or fireplace to the atmosphere outside the house. Having chimney features at home means needs for constant maintenance and occasional repairs. In order to conduct this,…
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