Chimney Repair Cost

Chimney Repair Cost

Chimney Repair Cost - Cap and spark arrestor $850.00

A chimney is a vertical tube designed to draw combustion products (smoke and gasses) from an appliance like a woodstove or fireplace to the atmosphere outside the house. Having chimney features at home means needs for constant maintenance and occasional repairs. In order to conduct this, if you’re not a do-it-yourself person and decide to pay a professional to do the job, it is worth to remember that prices vary from region to region and even from company to company, depending on needs to be repaired. Herewith what opt for and how much an average chimney repair costs.

Sweeping the chimney, the costs may vary from $150 to $300. The chimney flashing repairs, this helps you avoid possible damage caused by water. Any leak that goes unnoticed can cause serious issues. Costs range between $150 and $350. There are also sealants on the market that formulate to provide a waterproof membrane for adhesion on asphalt shingle, brick, metal, and/or other chimney and roofing parts.

Another repair is installing a new metal cap on your chimney. This is very important, as the cap prevents water or even little animals from getting into your house. That can cost you $150 up to $300.

Repair may incorporate unblocking the flue, because blockage may happen because of rubbish or even animal nests. If it’s blocked, this metal tube meant to take smoke and heat out of your house will not be able to do this anymore, which is a great risk to your family’s health. You can find different products to help clean and protect your chimney including the flue. Some of those products include a chimney cleaner, brush, and flue stop.

In addition to chimney repair cost, tuck-pointing the chimney is also incorporated. This means inserting mortar between the bricks in order to repair faulty mortar. It will cost up to $175.

Overall, if it is required, repairing the entire chimney may be needed. This entails complete rebuilding. Depending on the contractor, that may cost you up to $1,000. The average cost of a fireplace repair is $934. As mentioned above, repair of chimney may involve installing a spark arrestor and rain cap, and this will cost in average $850.

A spark arrestor and rain cap on a chimney top are designed to prevent wood embers from floating up the chimney and landing nearby on combustible materials. Such as a neighbor’s wood roof, dry grass, dry tree branches or other things, those will easily catch fire. These hot embers from the fireplace can start a fire very easily. The rain cap portion is designed to reduce rainwater from entering into the chimney area.

Another advantage of having a rain cap and spark arrestor on top of the chimney is that it helps keep leaves, squirrels and other rodents or animals, including birds out of the chimney itself. Occasionally, birds will build a nest, or debris or animals will block the chimney, thus preventing it from drafting properly. Should it not draft properly, smoke may fill the room, or gather on the face of the fireplace or ceiling.

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