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How to Evaluate Construction Proposals

For years our company participated in the public bidding market. That is bidding on government work including Local, State and Federal buildings. We worked on Court Houses, Police Stations, Parks and just about every kind of building out there. To be successful in the public market a company needs to be proficient in the trades,…
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How to Hire a Contractor

Choosing a Contractor You may already have a contractor in mind for new stuff at your home. Your contractor may be well versed in home improvement projects. But is he a true professional in the disciple you need? There are varying levels of skill sets and experiences as it relates to home improvement projects. This…
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Angie’s List & Home Adviser Impact on Construction

I started our company in the early 90's. Advertising choices were completely different. There was the Yellow Pages, telemarketing and direct mail. If you were clever, you would combine telemarketing with direct mail in a Data Base Marketing campaign. Yellow pages was free for all homeowners. Advertisers were listed by trade. Roofing, plumbing, electrical and…
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