These Are The Signs When Your Roof Needs Maintenance

These Are The Signs When Your Roof Needs Maintenance

Signs Your Roof Needs Maintenance

If Nails Are Missing From My RoofWith all the recent weather events across the area, the roof of your home has really been put to the test. From the ground you may think that your roof is structurally sound, it isn’t until a closer inspection reveals that there may be areas of distress that could affect the integrity of the house. Take some time and check out some of these obvious signs your roof may need maintenance.

The first sign your roof may need maintenance is if you can see any broken shingles or pieces of the roof missing. Heavy rain and wind storms can weaken areas of the roof and wash away small pieces of the roof. When the underside of the roof is exposed your attic area can be exposed to the elements. When water can access the attic area the wooden supports in the roof can be compromised if the water damage is left untreated.

The next sign you are looking for is missing nails or nails lying in the gutter or at the bottom of the rain spouts. When nails become loose enough to be washed away that means water can easily access the attic by way of the nail hole. Over the course of a heavy rain storm a significant amount of water can drip through that small opening and work its way down the wooden beams to your ceilings. The biggest problem you will encounter is that water always travels to the lowest point, so you may find a puddle in the attic several feet from where it entered the roof.

Another sign your roof needs maintenance is when you see the gravel from the shingles in the gutters or at the bottom of the rain spouts. When excessive storms wash away the gravel on the shingles the integrity of those shingles is greatly compromised. When the materials are then exposed to the heat of the sun without the gravel protecting them, they can warp and crack and allow water into the roof. If you can not easily access the roof to inspect for these signs, always hire a professional to inspect areas you may have concern over.

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