These Are Signs When Your Shingles Needs To Be Replaced

These Are Signs When Your Shingles Needs To Be Replaced

Three warning signs your roof needs maintenance


If My Shingles Need To Be ReplacedProblems with your roof can easily become costly water damage inside your home. If you know the warning signs, simple observation from ground level can allow you to spot problems early. The National Roofers Contracting Association recommends that consumers perform inspections twice per year in the fall and spring. When performing inspections, there are three key signs you need maintenance.

Deteriorated and damaged shingling: The condition of your shingling is very important and you will be looking for any irregularities. Loose, cracked, broken or missing shingles all represent possible entry points for water. Blistered or rotted shingles are no longer impermeable and may allow moisture or water to pass through. Dark patches from growth of airborne algae are common in warmer climates and damage shingles. Shingles are often coated with protective mineral granules which tend to slough off with age and wear; excess accumulation in gutters or drainage features indicate a need for replacement. Lastly, buckling indicates shifting of roofing elements. This should not occur, and the buckled shingles are easily damaged or lost.

Bad flashing: Flashing is weatherproofing material around roof joints and roof features such as chimneys, vents or skylights. Since builds settle and materials naturally expand or contract with temperature changes, even properly installed flashing may become loose or damaged over time, allowing water to enter. Look for any loose, peeling or cracked flashing.

Interior water damage: If your roof is leaking, there will likely be signs inside your attic. Discolored patches, spots or trails are likely water staining and indicate either leakage or excessive condensation from poor ventilation. You will want to check any discolored wood for either wetness or softness as this would indicate your problem is current. Since water staining is permanent, if the wood is dry and hard then the leak may have been corrected previously. You’ll also want to look for any sagging between the rafters or light shining through.

If you see any of the above, contact a licensed roofing contractor (or two) for a consult and estimate. Remember, repairs can save you thousands over replacement.

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