How to Get Rid Of Mildew From Your Roof

How to Get Rid Of Mildew From Your Roof

What can I do about mildew on my roof?

Roof MildewThere are many different ways in which you can handle the removal of mildew from your roof. There are many different kinds of solutions and sprays sold at common home improvement stores. There are some bleach based cleaner that do it quite well. They work effectively but can come at a cost as well. If you have any plant life at all next to your house which you wish to remain alive, than you should follow these simple instructions when using anything with a bleach base. First, wash the plants down with water to protect them. Next you spray your roof with the cleanser as carefully as you can, trying not to get any on the plants while following the instructions to the letter. After that you should wash your plants a second time to ensure that none of the bleach compound that may have gotten on them at all gets off completely. Some roofs should never use bleach based cleansers as it may degrade the roof. Always consult a professional roofer on whether or not to use bleach on your kind of roof.

There are also some products that work proactively and in the long term. You can simply find one of these products and spray your roof according to their specific directions and then you don’t have to worry about it growing back. The chemicals that exist in these products kill the mildew and keep any kind of mold, mildew or fungus from being capable of growing on your roof. Some do both whereas some products are just preventative and need to be used before any problem occurs. It is always better to prevent mildew rather that handle the problem after it has already started. Just like you would never wait for your house to be robbed to get a security system, you don’t want to have mildew when you could just as easy, or more easily in some cases, prevent it in its entirety.

Feel free to consult a roofer on the type of roof that you have and what product will work best with that particular kind of roofing. That will help you to use the most effective product for the job and professionals always know best.

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