Tips to Maintain Your Roof Properly

Tips to Maintain Your Roof Properly

Your roof and you

Making sure your roof is properly maintained is essential.How To Properly Maintain Your Roof Roofs are generally expected to last about 15 years without major repairs. But there are several things homeowners should do if they want to make sure their roof is in good repair and can relied upon to provide the protection every home needs.

One key to keeping your roof in good shape is regular inspections. Many expensive roof repairs begin with minor problems which weren’t addressed. It’s important to have your roof inspected at least once a year. If you live in an area with harsh weather conditions or you have trees near your house you should have it inspected more often. A roof inspection often reveals missing nails, loose shingles, sagging or clogged gutters and damaged flashing around the chimney. These issues take just a few minutes and a few dollars to repair. Left unattended they can become expensive problems.

Checking and cleaning your gutters can also play a role in keeping your roof in proper repair. Leaves, twigs, small branches and other debris can clog your gutters and downspouts. This can cause water to back up on the roof, seep between and under the shingles or other roofing material and do serious damage to the prima-facie and other parts of the roof. It can also cause the development of mold and mildew which can compromise the health of everyone living in or visiting your home. All of this can be avoided if you have your gutters checked and cleaned several times a year.

If there are trees hanging over your house have them pruned regularly. Branches can scratch and puncture roofing tiles and shingles, break off and damage the roof or lie on the roof and rot and weaken the roof. Mold, moss, algae and rust can also develop on heavily shaded roofs. Left unchecked they can cause areas of your roof to deteriorate and rot. You should also look out for leaks and make sure your roof is properly ventilated. A roofing professional can take care of all these things quickly and easily and for a small fee.

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