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New Stucco Finishes

Do you want to add stucco features and beautify your home or office? Our expert stucco crews deliver the best stucco finishes in South Florida. Some building are wood or bare concrete. These buildings always look better by adding a stucco texture. We can add bands and columns around doors and windows. Maybe an archway over your front door. Almost anything is possible

There are two main kinds of stucco texture. Knockdown finished have a rough look. Most homes in Florida have an exterior knockdown finish. Smooth finish is obviously smooth and looks like a flat concrete wall.

Stucco bands can be installed around doors and windows. They look like a picture frame and can bring our and highlight what ever feature they are installed around.

Stucco Wall Repair

When water gets  into small cracks of your exterior walls and columns, the wire lath supporting the stucco begins to rust. The wire lath swells as it rusts and forms large cracks in the stucco. This is called spalling. Spalled stucco allows even more water into the structure and results in rotting of the buildings wood framing.

stucco finishes

How to Repair a Stucco Wall

Repairing spalling stucco requires the removal of the damaged stucco, wire lath and rotten wood framing and rebuild with new materials. Keeping a heavy coat of quality paint on  a stucco wall will help prevent the problem from reoccurring

There may be more damaged building materials hidden behind the wall than it appears. It's really important to remove enough stucco the make an accurate assessment for how much damage there really is. If the damage is minimal, the cost for replacing the removed stucco will be relatively low. Conversely, if someone simply caulks or patches the stucco without checking for the damage beneath, the cause of the problem will not be addressed, the root cause of the problem will grow larger and a complete and final repair will become more costly.

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In South Florida, the two most common causes of stucco damage are rainwater and building settlement. When moisture gets behind stucco it weakens the cement plaster. Over time, this water damage can cause the stucco to crack or fall off in sheets.

Stucco’s outer layer is designed to resist water, but the plaster underneath isn’t. When water gets behind stucco’s outer surface, it can wear the stucco away, damage interior walls and – more seriously – cause structural damage that’s costly to repair.

Homes and businesses that are located near the ocean or Intracoastal Waterway in Palm Beach, Boca Raton and surrounding communities endure tropical storms and stronger, damper winds. Those environmental factors can damage a building’s stucco over time, particularly at joints, near flashing or caulking, and around windows, doors, pipes and balconies.

Structural settlement is another major cause of stucco damage. South Florida’s weak and compressible soils are susceptible to foundational damage. Small sinkholes and shifting ground can cause your home or business’s foundation to crack or settle. In some cases, the only above-ground evidence of settlement is in your structure’s exterior brick, stucco or siding.

Preventative Maintenance Support Services Company can not only repair your damaged stucco, we can also repair your foundation and prevent future foundational settlement which can damage your stucco again.


The key to long-lasting stucco is a watertight finish over a sound structure. Hiring professionals to apply your stucco will maximize your exterior’s life expectancy. Our staff at Preventative Maintenance takes special care to ensure the following:

  • Your stucco is applied at the appropriate temperatures.
  • Your stucco is applied evenly on all flat surfaces and at joints and around structures including windows, doors and balconies.
  • Your stucco lath is adequately spaced from the underlying wall. This helps your stucco set properly and can prevent “nail popping.”
  • Your stucco is applied immediately after mixing.

Professional stucco application helps protect your home or business from the extreme weather it faces in South Florida. Preventative Maintenance Support Services Company offers professional stucco repair in Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, Boca Raton and surrounding communities. We are licensed and insured, use superior quality materials and offer an extended warranty on all of our stucco services.

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