Statement of Purpose

Preventive Maintenance Support Services Company wants to

1] Provide roof maintenance at the absolute best value and

2] Work hard to ensure the process of construction is a pleasant one.


Service Oriented-  We perform Maintenance, Repairs, and Replacement (MRR) with the customer’s understanding and approval

Checks and Balance System- The roof system manufacturer will inspect and approve all work

Guaranteed Work-  Our services include the best guarantees available so that you know can feel secure that your money was well spent

Lowest Prices and Best Value-ensured by tailoring your roofing program and making multiple recommendations so that the customer approves all work before any work is done

Why are roof problems always a surprise?

Roof Maintenance never a priority

Roof Repairs are usually an afterthought

Speed required for emergency repairs affects:

–        Price

–        Quality

–        Safety

How it should be!

Preventive Maintenance Support Services Company believes roofing is a customer service industry and will ensure your satisfaction is the most important part of the process.  Let us manage your roofs for you, or partner with you with reminders so emergencies don’t happen.

Why Choose Preventive Maintenance Support Services Company

 Exceptional credentials with numerous references of satisfied customers

Exceptional Capabilities with State-of-the-Art equipment- Inspection, Maintenance, Repair and Replacement

Highly skilled and certified staff

Team Attitude- that includes the customer as a part of the team

Reporting- We can meet any and all requirements

–        Quarterly

–        Monthly

–        Weekly

–        Daily Summaries

–        ON-LINE records management

Redefining Customer Service

–       Tailored Planning

–       Input Responsive

–       After Action Reviews (AAR)

Why choose Preventive Maintenance Support Services Company Roofing?

  • History of the company-  Most people choose a company for their reliability, dependability and history of customer service.  Preventive Maintenance Support Services Company was established in 1994 with the mission of becoming the first really customer service oriented company.  Your satisfaction with the job performed, large or small is what we consider the most important part of our work.  Since its inception almost 10 years ago, Preventive Maintenance Support Services Company has a list of satisfied customers as long as some companies that have been in the business for 20 years or more.  Because we specialize in no-slope roofs we can provide the expertise you need at a price that will leave you pleasantly surprised.  From the initial inspection through service after the sale and completion of work Preventive Maintenance Support Services Company has a history of customer satisfaction and quality work.


  • Capabilities
    • Inspection- Preventive Maintenance Support Services Company uses state-of-the-art equipment to identify and evaluate the condition of your roof system.  Using the ROOFER system that the Army Corps of Engineers developed for the US Military, we assess each identified need individually and then collectively as part of a system.  Systems Management allows us the ability to recommend to you the MRR needs and provide you with several options to fit your needs and constraints. A complete inspection evaluates all of the moisture spots on your roof(s) and then assesses each of the weak, stressed, or damaged spots individually and as a collective whole.


  • Maintenance- Preventive Maintenance Support Services Company is exceptionally organized to manage the roof or roofs in your system. We manage all roofs as a package and provide the customer with a monthly status of the roof(s) as well as a schedule for Maintenance, Repair, and Replacement by Fiscal and/or Calendar Year.  We can also provide information based on the age of the roof(s).  In this way you can save thousands each year and have regular access to reports and evaluations regarding the status of your roof system, allowing you the control you seek over the budget and repair demands of your roof(s).


  • Repair-  Repairs conducted by Preventive Maintenance Support Services Company  are first quality and complete to Code and industry standards.  In fact Preventive Maintenance Support Services Company consistently exceeds both of these standards allowing the manager the flexibility to make long-term decisions about restoration or replacement of the roof system.  We are always ready to assist managers in assessments and evaluations to ensure your roof system is properly covered.


  • Replacement-  Preventive Maintenance Support Services Company considers that replacement of an entire roof is all too often selected out of frustration or because of a hasty assessment.  We want you to have all the facts and consider what is truly best for your roof.  We want to help you treat you roofing needs using a systems management approach that lets you decide when replacement is truly required and when repairs can provide you more than adequate protection from the environment.


  • Team Attitude-  Aside from the experienced team of Preventive Maintenance Support Services Company, there is a desire to include the customer in the process.  We strive to provide you with a complete picture of what is needed and what our recommendation is so that you can make the best decision for yourself.  Each member of our team strives to provide the highest quality customer service. 


  • Reporting Formats-  We can support any reporting requirements you would like because we believe in state-of-the-art technology integrated with tried and true record-keeping and data base management systems.  Preventive Maintenance Support Services Company is ready to provide regular interval reporting in any of the ways listed below, or, if you would prefer, meet reporting requirements you direct.  The reporting listed below is particularly oriented towards our Improving your Roofing Maintenance Contracts, where we maintain your records and provide the customer with regular-interval updates of programmed and un-programmed MRR actions, both completed and upcoming.


  • Quarterly Briefings- Preventive Maintenance Support Services Company can provide quarterly briefings to a Board of Directors or individual(s) that includes a slide presentation with digital photographs and progress charts for any job that lasts 6 months or more.


  • Regular (i.e. monthly) reports-  We routinely provide monthly reports that show the progress of work and monies saved.  You may also request weekly reports or daily short-form updates as needed.


  • On-Line records and status reports-  Specifically designed for our Improving your Roofing Maintenance Contract customers, Preventive Maintenance Support Services Company maintains and encourages the capability to place all records regarding your roof(s) system available on the internet using the Roofing Automated Integrated Network (RAIN).  We can put those records on your site or maintain them as a part of ours, but either way we are sure that Systems Managers everywhere will appreciate the convenience of being able to review the status of inspections and MRR at all times.

Definition of Customer Service- Preventive Maintenance Support Services Company style-

Tailored planning-  Every customer is different, as is every roof system.  Every specialist and roofer may offer a different opinion of what needs to be done and when.  What many customers crave and few feel they receive is a real understanding of the options that may be available in terms of the big picture of MRR.  Preventive Maintenance Support Services Company also provides quality consulting that considers all of the roofs in your roof system, as well as your budget and time constraints.  Then we present you with our complete assessment and a list of recommendations, along with a variety of options for implementation.

Input responsive-  Our recommendations and assessments are incomplete without customer input.  We want to know which of our recommendations you prefer or if we can modify them to fit your needs better.  Needs change as situations change.  As the name implies, Preventive Maintenance Support Services Company strives to avoid emergency problems through preventive maintenance. We understand, however that situations change.  We stand ready to respond to your changing needs to the best of our ability.

After action review (AAR)-  One of the most important aspects of an action is the reaction.  AARs address issues that occurred that were both positive and negative and attempt to quantify the benefits of repeating the positives or eliminating the negatives.  Your input is crucial to the AAR process and the results of each AAR will be implemented to ensure we improve the way we perform our service.

How would Preventive Maintenance Support Services Company perform as a Roofing Contractor for  you?

OBJECTIVE:  To provide for the selected course of action with a variety of additional services such as web-based internet tracking of all properties and bases in a timely, professional, and inexpensive manner.

RESPONSE- GENERAL:  Preventive Maintenance Support Services Company of Boca Raton, Florida best meets your criteria because we have saved companies millions of dollars through aggressive pricing and quality workmanship the first time we do something.  In it’s almost ten year history, PMS Roofing has done countless roofing and re-roofing projects safely and professionally.

IMPLEMENTATION PLAN:  Preventive Maintenance Support Services Company views each of the steps involved as critical for success of the entire program.

  • 1) review of the specifications and on-site evaluation
  • 2) careful pricing to avoid change orders once approved as contractor
  • 3) submission of a complete and accurate bid package 
  • 4) once selected as the contractor to do the job, ensure there is consultant and customer participation throughout the project
  • 5) proper licensing, inspections and evaluation before, during and after the installation of the selected roof system
  • 6) completion and acceptance of work by the consultant, municipality and the customer
  • 7) after-action review either at each phase or at periodic increments in order to maintain quality assurance and customer satisfaction. 

INSPECTIONS:  Inspections are among the most crucial of steps

in the process.  Without a solid and complete evaluation, deficiencies can be overlooked that can cause the rejuvenated roof system to fail earlier than need be.  Inspections can include moisture surveys in order to confirm certain findings. Preventive Maintenance Support Services Company has all of the necessary equipment to perform these surveys, including the taking of core samples, so that a complete evaluation can be performed.

EVALUATION:  The evaluation phase of the process is also critical.  This is where the Army Corps of Engineer’s “ROOFER” system is crucial.  Any evaluation of your roof should include a detailed listing of shortcomings and a final evaluation of the roof’s remaining service life.  The evaluation should also include specifications for the rejuvenation process and associated options and costs.  The evaluation report that Preventive Maintenance Support Services Company provides includes all of these things, and includes digital photographs of noted shortcomings.  Our evaluation report is provided in a way few others are- in hard copy and on the internet.

Our reports include timelines and project management calendars and can even include a work breakdown structure (WBS), asset and resource utilization reports, and even GANTT charts.  Because it’s all over the internet, there is no additional software required for you to view this data.

DECISION POINTS AND FACTORS:  We can fill this portion in accordance with your needs and desires.  Whether you establish a budget for us to perform these services, or a project manager to gain approval from, or even a board to provide presentation and evaluation information, Preventive Maintenance Support Services Company can meet your needs in so many ways.  We can provide reporting in any format you choose, and include as many members, decision makers in the process as you’d like, regardless of their location in the country.

REPAIRS:  The repair phase makes the installation phase easier and last longer.  Without appropriate repairs a coating system will only mask a future problem, and may even cause the new system that will be installed to fail.  This is crucial to understand, because the cost of repairs will push the cost of your new coating system above the cost of the coating system materials and labor itself.  For example, a properly maintained roof requires only minimal repairs before installation of the new system.  Regardless of the overall “health” of the roof system at the time of installation, precision repairs ensure no return visits are required.

Repairs may be as simple as snaking a drain and repairing gutters, but may be as complex as rotten wood replacement or installation of gutters, drains and flashings.  Precision repairs are the key to a healthier roof, just as precision operations are sometimes needed to ensure the good health of animals and people.

MANUFACTURERS:  Preventive Maintenance Support Services Company is an approved applicator for a variety of products from a myriad of different manufacturers.  We believe this is critical because you as the customer ought to have a choice of products.  Manufacturers will tell you that their product is ideally suited for your roof, and we may recommend one system over another based on the individual roof’s characteristics.  When two or more products will perform equally well, PMS wants you to make the choice based on your needs, whether the determining factor for you is price or length of warranty, or personal preference from experience.

PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE SUPPORT SERVICES COMPANY:  …is our name.  It is also the most important aspect of our business, and we take it very seriously.  We understand the difference between preventive maintenance, predictive maintenance, proactive maintenance and reactive maintenance.  Whatever system you have been using to this point, our expertise in this area will assist you and your subordinate facility managers in preparing, manipulating, and effectively implementing a plan that fits your budget and saves you time and money, while extending the life of your roof system.  A recent study showed that of 100 roofs tested, none made it to the 27-year mark, regardless of the roof system type.  What is not mentioned anywhere in the study, is preventive maintenance.  We have seen roof systems that have lasted 30 years with preventive maintenance plans, and we believe we can make that the standard.

SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT:  Because of the large number of roofs to be included in this project, a systems management approach is required.  The needs of all roofs will be categorized and prioritized based on your input, budget, and needs.  Whether you assign a project manager to serve as approving authority, a liaison to represent the Trust’s interests from inside our walls, or a team of roofing experts to serve as an approval board, Preventive Maintenance Support Services Company has a unique system that will make all participants in the process comfortable that they have in fact participated in the process.

Our ROOFING AUTOMATED INTEGRATED NETWORK (RAIN) offers state of the art web-based roofing management system that seamlessly reports all proposals, work orders, invoices, before and after pictures, calendars, schedules, e-mails and reminders with NO ADDITIONAL SOFTWARE and NO TRAINING, as long as you know how to browse the internet.  It’s so easy you’ll want it for managing any and all aspects of your facility. Attached is a full description of RAIN and what it can do.  Very few firms offer this service at this time.  The Government Services Administration (GSA) is currently considering RAIN, as a test bed project for all its real estate management needs.


CUSTOMER SERVICE:  Preventive Maintenance Support Services Company was built on the premise that the customer comes first.  Our Vice President started this company and got his Roofing license out of frustration watching roofing salesmen cheat the customer to make a fast buck, and after being a roofing consultant who was constantly being pressured by manufacturers and unscrupulous contractors who tried to push cheaper products at higher prices. Preventive Maintenance Support Services Company believes that a happy customer will return the loyalty with repeat business and referrals.  Your satisfaction is our primary goal.

PROFESSIONALISM: The signs of a professional can be divided into three categories:  the way a company conducts it’s business (i.e. safety, cleanliness and precision); how a company seeks to improve itself through study (i.e. education of it’s staff, training of it’s personnel, development of new technologies, and writing and presentation of articles and briefings) and participation in professional organizations to improve the standard of the profession as a whole.  Each member of the Preventive Maintenance Support Services Company staff is a trained professional who trains others, reads, writes and participates in professional education, and we all strive to raise the standards of our industry through participation in professional organizations.


PMSS bosts membership in the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA), the Florida Roofing and Sheet Metal Association (FRSA), and the Building Owners and Managrs Association (BOMA) to name a few.  Our articles have been published inCondominium Monthly and Today’s Facility Manager and we have given seminars to representatives of local and state governments, school boards, and Commercial Realty Professionals through our “RoofingUniversity” project.  “RoofingUniversity” was recently accredited as an approved course of study worth 4 credit hours towards licensing as a Community Association Manager (CAM) by the state of Florida.  This is further evidence of PMSS recognition as a leader in the industry- the only roofing contractor to be so accredited.

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