Boca Raton’s Premier Mold Service Company

Mold is often a concern in our wet, warm climate. The good news is we can very effectively protect your home or commercial building from the dangers and damage of mold.

We begin with a professional mold assessment that will pin point if and where mold exists. You get peace of mind knowing if mold exists, where it hides, and how much mold there may be in your walls, floors, ceiling or other areas.

Then we can begin mold remediation. This could include rebuilding areas that have a serious mold problem. We can greatly improve your health by removing a serious source of allergens. Mold remediation can also improve the integrity of your home, keeping the structure safe and sound for decades to come. This improves the value of your home and is a necessity if you are thinking of selling your home.

We also provide expert disaster clean-up. When hurricanes, floods, and other natural disasters strike - we can be on the scene quickly and efficiently cleaning up the mess. Our team of contractors and craftsmen can rebuild damaged structures. We can also clean up debris, trash, and other unwanted materials that can gather during a disaster.

Please contact us for your no-obligation discussion. We can give you expert advice on how best to reach your goal. We are also happy to provide a free quote.

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