Roof Moisture Survey

Moisture in roofs waste energy, and the deterioration it causes leads to expensive repair or premature replacement.

On-the-roof infrared surveys  

PMS uses infrared scanners to find wet insulation in roofs. Today, only a few commercial firms offer such services. Early detection permits repair of a roof even while it is under warranty.

On-the-roof infrared survey.

With more than 1.5 MM square feet of roofs under maintenance contract, PMS extensively uses our infrared technology to save our clients money. Our combined inspection maintenance staff is one of the leading maintenance and repair divisions in the Southeast. We conduct roof moisture surveys at many of our clients buildings each year.

Transferring infrared findings onto an aerial photo of a roof can be used by inspection and maintenance personnel.


Findings are verified by coring areas that the infrared survey indicated are wet and others expected to be dry. Such verification often is done in conjunction with visual inspection of the roofing system. Aerial re-surveys every few years are a cost-effective way to uncover small problems before they become serious.



A complete report of condition will be included as part of or service to you.  This report of condition will include identification of anomalies, areas for concern, identified roof system deficiencies, recommendations, cost analysis, replacement versus repair comparisons and specifications.


Roof warranties

New roofs are seldom perfect, and cancers of wet insulation may grow in them soon after construction. PMSS has specification language for performing infrared inspections while the roof is under warranty and the cost of repairs is still the responsibility of the contractor. The costs of an infrared inspection run from $0.03 to $0.05 per square foot and can save roof replacement costs, which may be 100 times that amount.

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