When we at PMSS receive a request to evaluate a roof for maintenance, repair or replacement, we do not do it like a lot of roofers and simply estimate the cost of using a hot applied repair or tear off and re-roof.  We take the stance of a consultant, and custodian of your funds, and carefully weigh all of the options to get you the best price and the best warranty available at that price.

The inspection of the roof is critical to making an accurate assessment.  The inspection evaluates problems like the one pictured here at right, using the US Army Corps of Engineers system known as “Roofer,” to objectively categorize the severity of each fault and potential weakness on your roof system.

Once the assessment is complete, we take the results and compare the various options available that best fit the building.  For each assessment, no less than three options are considered.  In general, PMSS looks for alternatives to a tear off if at all possible, because of cost and the disruption it causes to the tenants of the building.  However, tear off and hot applied roof system  is always considered as one of the options so that we can see the price savings and evaluate the results.  Then we examine which of the many manufacturers’ products will combine savings and warranty.

Once all of the products that can be put on are reviewed for best fit and most reliable in accordance with the specifics of your roof, then a pricing matrix is developed to compare the various material costs and the labor involved.  PMSS prices primarily by time and materials, so differences in price between products reflect cost of materials and perhaps to some extent specific labor involved.  For example, spray applied coatings cost less in terms of labor than single-ply membranes, but the membrane offers a longer warranty.  That’s the kind of service you can expect, but may not get with another contractor.

One of the most effective ways we can become a reliable steward of your roof systems and roof budget is by trying to understand your business acumen and procedures for deciding what to do with your roofs.  In the case of Paramount, we know that the bottom line is crucial- what is the absolute most I can get for my dollar?  What makes this product so special?  What makes PMSS so different that I won’t have the same problems I have had using other roofing contractors?

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