Preventive Maintenance Support Services Company gives you more for every square foot and every dollar!


   Other Roofing Companies      PMSS

1.  20 years experience in the roofing industry        ?                                        Yes

2.  State Certified and licensed                                         ?                                        Yes

3.  Member of NRCA/FRSA/BOMA                                ?                                        Yes

4.  Has a customer service department                        ?                                        Yes

5.  Ensures the customer comes first                             ?                                        Yes

6.  Uses subcontractors to perform roof work          ?                                         No

7.  Uses multiple manufacturer’s to ensure best price               ?                    Yes

8.  All workmen receive customer care and safety training     ?                    Yes

9.  FRSA Safety Award Winner since joining in 1998                   ?                    Yes

10.Answers phone calls and questions after the sale                   ?                   Yes

11.On-line reporting so you see pictures of previous day’s work?               Yes

12.On-line records management-warranty, invoicing, etc.        ?                  Yes

14.Master Certified by JOHNS MANVILLE, RPM and others      ?                  Yes

15.Offers Preventive Maintenance Plans to save $$$ now          ?                  Yes

16.Is on-line and other reporting free if I am a customer             ?                 Yes

17.Published expert in newspapers and trade journals                 ?                 Yes

18.Integrated asset management to budget for several buildings?              Yes

19.Professional and labeled crews, trucks, and equipment           ?                Yes

20.  Is there any aspect of roofing you DON’T do                               ?                 No

The answers are clear!  With PMSS you get straight answers to your problems.  With the others, there are only more questions.

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