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How Much Does It Cost To Replace a Support Column in the Boca Raton Area?

Do your patio support posts have rusted holes in them?

Unfortunately, its a common problem. In fact, our webpage "Patio Column Repair" receives more traffic than any page on our website. So why is this such a big issue? Its a bad design!

Concrete and steel make all of today's construction possible. Its a magical combination, but only when oxygen is unable to reach the steel. These support columns are bolted down to a footing beneath the paver or concrete patio deck. That footing (or foundation) hold the load for the roof above. It also holds the roof down in high wind events. Its an important structural component of the building.

If you where to chip out all of the concrete and expose the footing you would find the that part of the steel column is NOT rusted. And that's because no oxygen doesn't reach the steel there. But where the column breaches the concrete, there is oxygen and hence rust. The condition is made worst  by the presence of moisture and additional oxygen that concrete carries. So its a perfect storm and rusting is inevitable.

Since these are structural, a permit and engineered plans are needed. To replace the post you have to break out the stucco on the beam above and remove the bolts holding it in place. The base of the column is cut with a saw and the column removed. A precise measurement for the new column height is required so the roof is not raised or lowered. Believe it or not, each post will have a slightly different height requirement.

The Building Department is serious about replacing these posts. Plans review wants the stamped engineering plans. The weld on the newly fabricated column must be certified. And an inspection of the bolts in the beam takes place before we can put the stucco back on. In all, our crews take for separate trips to install new support columns for any project.

While many homeowners are not concerned and would be happy to have the posts replaced with a piece of 4" x 4" wood for cheap, that's a bad idea. And to the chagrin of many, the cost to replace each post is about $1000.00 each. Many homeowners think that's a high price and too much. But if you consider its importance and compare it to the cost of replacing a broken window (an average window costs about $1500.00 to $2000.00 to replace), its a reasonable expense.

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