How to cool a hot room in your house

How to cool a hot room in your house

  If you’ve had problems with that one hot room in your house, here are some simple solutions to consider.



When you’re trying to relax and the heat is seriously invading your privacy, here are some quick tips that will help reduce the intensity.


·         Windows: Check your windows for energy-efficiency. If they’re old, you may need to implement some window treatments. You could install tight-fitting, insulating window shades on drafty windows.

·         Shades: If you paid attention in your science classes, you’ll know that the color black absorbs more heat than others in a process known as conduction. To avoid additional summer heat, choose white or light shaded curtains.

·         Doors: Be aware of shutting doors, closing off different rooms in your house. This could greatly reduce the air circulation, preventing the cool air from permeating.  

·         Light Bulbs: Incandescent light bulbs give off 90% of the energy they use in the form of additional heat. By replacing these bulbs with CFLs or LEDs, you can lower your electric bill and raise the temperature.


Each of these ideas will help you to utilize the cool air already in your home; however, bigger problems call for bigger solutions.




Typical air conditioning units, such as the window-installs, use ducts for insulation purposes. Ducts are typically made of galvanized steel, wrapped externally with fiberglass blankets. However, as you can see from the common AC problems, these duct systems are less than ideal.


·         Leaky, disconnect ductwork

·         Uninsulated ducts

·         Poor duct design

·         Oversized AC unit


Even well sealed and insulated ducts will leak. Duct losses can account for more than 30% of energy consumption in space conditioning. To avoid this problem altogether, consider going ductless.



Also known as ductless mini-splits, these small modernized devices will help increase energy efficiency and decrease costs. These duct-free cooling devices are perfect for that one hot room, smaller apartments, offices and more. Going ductless has many advantages including:


·         Easing installment: Ductless devices take half the time to install as traditional systems. The simple setup will reduce stress and headaches, helping you stay cool and calm.

·         Placement flexibility: They’re perfect for the one room that can’t get cold enough at night.  

·         Saves you money: The energy efficiency will reduce your electric bills. This device allows you to create a “zone” of cooling comfort, more efficiently than central cooling.

·         Improves your air quality: The multi-filtration system significantly reduces dust, bacteria, mold particles, pollen and more nasty things you do not want to be breathing.

·         Lowers carbon footprint: Being far more energy efficient that your conventional HVAC unit, these systems reduce negative environmental impacts. If you’re on a mission to go green, go ductless.



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