How Much Does Mold Removal Cost?

How Much Does Mold Removal Cost?

There are things that we're living with every day, and they do not harm us. It cannot be seen easily. But unlike viruses or a plague that we've been so hard to avoid, these kinds of things are not as dangerous as other minor scale things around us.


But another story will be different when we talk about our building, houses, or any property we have. Because this small organism can "infect" part of your property. What are these things?

These are mold.

Mold is a small organism that travels through the air. Mold is one type of fungus and they do their reproduction by using spores that light enough until it's able to spread using airflow. The colors are also varied. It can be white, orange, green, purple, or black.

Even though mold has little impact in a small amount, if your property has a damp spot, there's a chance that mold will grow. If it grows and spreads, the spores they release can enter your respiratory tract. It can cause you health problems if you have a sensitivity to mold. Eventually, you can get sick because of mold!

So, from now on you can't take the mold problem lightly.

Pay attention to your house, building, or any of your property. Can you spot the damp area where mold can grow?


What Are The Things That Cause Mold?

As we know, the major factor is some damp spot in your building. Those damp area can be caused by these:

  • There are leaks in your pipe installation
  • Roof leak
  • The humidity is high in such areas, like your bathroom, a corner on your kitchen, laundry area, etc
  • Flood in your basement or ground floor
  • Etc


The Spots In Your House Where Mold Can Grow

Mold can grow anywhere in your house. But if you hard to find it, you can check this area and surrounding:

  • Your attic
  • Bathroom
  • Bathroom sink
  • The ventilation system
  • Inside the cavities of the wall
  • Basement

The location above is the common spot where mold usually grows. However, keep in mind that mold can grow anywhere. So pay attention to another area in your house.


Common Cost for Mold Removal

So here is the number one question. How much does mold removal cost you must prepare? For most mold mitigation work, the average cost is from $10 up to $25 for each square foot.

So when you want to do the removal job for 100 square feet of your house, you may need $1000 up to $2500 of budget.

For a quite small removal job of mold, you may need to prepare between $500 up to $1500. As for a much bigger removal job, you need to consider preparing from $3000 until $6000 from your budget.

The good news is if the area is small enough about 10 square feet or smaller, you can DIY and you only need to prepare a budget of about $50. Remember to prepare not only the budget but also your skills to do the job. You don't want additional cost just because you've done the job wrong, aren't you?


Mold Removal Cost According to The Areas

Mold can be found anywhere, but here are common locations you need to prepare for removing the mold. Since these locations largely have a high possibility have a damp surface or spots.



The bathroom is a spot in your house that usually doesn't have open ventilation, so the mold can make their presence there. The average budget you need to prepare for bathroom mold removal is from $500 up to $1500.

The cost can increase up to $8000 if you find additional mold growing in your sink, tub, or your vanity.


Basement Mold Removal Cost

The basement is another spot you may need to consider removing mold. The range of budget is between $500 up to $3000. It's a good idea to seal the basement foundation to avoid a future mold problem. You need to consider preparing your budget of around $2000 until $6000. Well, the cost may be higher, but it can prevent you from future stress.


Mold Removal Cost on Drywall

One area which has a large range of budget is drywall. Because it can come up from $1000 up to a large amount of budget around $20000. What is the cause of the large range of budget? It is because the job can be as only simple treatment needed for the wall, goes up through you will need to replace all of the entire walls.


Air Duct Mold Removal Cost

Since mold travels through the air, there is a high possibility that mold can grow in your air duct. You may need to consider pay attention to do air duct cleaning or the vent periodically and regularly. The cost to do the regular maintenance is around $270 up to $480.

But in another case when the mold grew in the air duct, the costs varied between $600 on average, until $2000.


Mold Removal Cost for The Entire House

If the mold already spreads and grows sporadically through your whole house, you need to consider preparing a budget from $10000 - $30000. Usually, the cost is for doing the large scale of work.

From fixing the water damage, the replacing of the carpets, drywall, fabrics inside the house, and also the repairment contractor will do the test to prevent future problems.


Where to Find a Mold Removal Service

Mold removal work can be done and fixed by yourself. Especially when the scale is still small enough. The problem is if the mold already grew, and it is attached in a tight and small spot to be fixed by yourself.

One of the solutions is you can contact preventive support to help you remove all the mold inside your house.

You can contact preventive support for FREE and you can ask anything about the work needed.

When it comes to the budget, professionalism, with the common sense of "Customer's First", you can have a trusted worker with a good quality work standard you can rely on.

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