How Much Does it Cost To Remodel a Small Bathroom?

How Much Does it Cost To Remodel a Small Bathroom?

Bathrooms are one of the most essential parts in our house. We can't clean up ourselves, take a shower, or do our "businesses" without a proper bathroom. Not only that, the bathroom can also become our soothing place. A place to relax while enjoying the water flows into our body.

But what if you don't have a large area of bathroom? Can you still feel relaxed and joy in your bathroom? The answer is yes! Even the small bathroom can give you cleanliness you are looking for.

If you only have a small bathroom, you can remodel it. By making a good renovation plan, you can have a bathroom that feels like new. One thing you need to think of is the cost.

Keep reading to get a better view about how much you need to remodel a small bathroom.


DIY or Call a Contractor?

First thing you should consider is how you will do the work? Since the tools and the fixture is something you can do by yourself.

If you have the skills, tools and you really know what you’re doing, maybe you can choose to DIY the remodelling. For example, you only need to remodel the bathroom partially.

Let’s say you only need a new tile or toilet. If you have everything you need, you can change the old with the new one. This can cost you around $500 up to $3000. The budget is only for buying the new fixtures. But keep in mind that everytime you want to change things in your property, it’s really a good idea if you consult with a professional contractor first. Or you find someone who has experience doing the job.


How Much is The Average Cost?

In the USA, according to the latest data, if you want to remodel a small bathroom it will cost you $6,500 more or less. If you know DIY labor, the cost needed is about $70 for each square foot.

This is the budget you need if you consider to pay DIT labor plus new fixtures but low end products. It doesn’t mean low end fixtures are not good in quality. Because like all things, prices are based by many factor, like brand, it’s marketing, and so on.

If you want to buy new fixtures with high end quality and the one who does the job is a licensed contractor, likely you will need $250/sq. foot.

With that baseline, the average cost you’ll likely to spend to remodel a small bathroom is around $6,500 in total. From the lowest $1,500 up to the high end price for $15,000.


Cost for Remodel a Small Bathroom

Small bathroom size on average is 40 square feet. But this size can change for less than that number. Small bathroom sizes can be as small as 20 square or less.

The one thing you need to prepare is you have $100 for the labor work in every square foot.

You can adjust the budget around $1,500 up to $10,000 or $15,000. Most of the property owners spend $5000 more or less to remodel 40 square feet bathroom.

But if you only do small remodelling plus not so expensive fixtures, you only need $3000 even less than that. The budget is also based on the upgrades you do. If only basics and you take the DIY labor, this budget will likely be the one you need to spend.

The more high-end the fixtures you want to install, you need to count the number by 2 or 3 times from the small remodelling cost.


What Model You Want to Build?

Bathrooms have the main function to take shower or bath. If you only need the function only, you will likely only spend a small amount of money.

For instance you want to build a bathroom for kids. It doesn't need to be fancy or complicated. Kids' bathrooms will only need a basic tub, or new ornaments. The cost will likely be on the low end from $100 up to $150/sq. feet.

If you need to upgrade it for adults and based on the function, you may need cost around $150/sq. feet. This cost is fit if you only need the function or for a guest bathroom.  You can choose low or mid end fixtures.

But if you want to remodel a small master bathroom with all the fixtures like shower or fully tiled, you may need $250 for the cost for each square foot.

So the cost will likely be cheaper if you only need the function. The more you customize it, the more cost you’ll need to spend.


On a Budget? This is Some Ideas You Can Do

Bathroom is one of the most functional rooms in our house. Especially if you only have a small bathroom in it. So the first consideration is it’s functionality.

Consider installing new flooring in it. Moreover if your bathroom has been aged. Tile prices range from $12 up to $25 per square foot. New tile will change the overall look in your bathroom. It will add a new theme and nuance everytime you take a bath.

Want to add more with a small cost? What if repaint it? This is the number one thing you can do if you want to do the job by yourself. Since you will only need $30 up to $100 to buy paint.

After that you can add a new light installation. The cost of the installation is around $80 up to $300. This includes the cost for hiring professional electricians. When the new installation has been made, you can choose any light you want. Choose the one that will give a new ambience for your small bathroom.


You can remodel a small bathroom to make it as new. Remodelling is a great way to give new ambience, safety and add value to your property. You can DIY the job if you have the skills and equipment needed.

But for the long run it’s better for you to call for a professional contractor. So they are the one who will do the inspection, choose which items need to be replaced, and finish the job. Because all the investment you put in will be regained around 60% if you sale the property.

To make sure what is best for you, you can contact Preventive Support. Don’t worry, it’s free to consult! Even if you decided to DIY, we will keep giving you the best advice for the work needed.

So, what kind of new small bathroom remodelling will you do?

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