How Much Does It Cost to Build a Garage

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Garage

A garage with good quality will give protection for your vehicle. Moreover it will become a beneficial element in your house or property.

The benefits of having a garage is impactful for the property value. A building or a house that includes a garage will be more valuable compared to one that doesn’t.

The protection of your vehicle will rise when you put your car outside without any barrier.

That’s why you need to build a garage. How much does it cost? What is the consideration you should take when building a garage? Here are some thoughts about it.


Average Cost to Build a Garage

First let’s take a look how much does the average cost to build a garage. This average number may be varied according to where your residence is and the location of your property.

The average per square foot is $35 up to $60. Or the number can also reach $90 per square foot. Just like mentioned above, the cost depends on some factors. Such as location, the materials and so on.

If you need to know how much the total average cost, you would expect from $19,000 up to $29,000. The high end can also reach $38,900. But usually, the cost is not far from $27,000 more or less.


How Many Cars Will Fit In?

When building a garage, the most popular one is a two-car garage. Two-car garage can give you more space, not only to park your car or vehicle, it also can give you more room when you do some repairs on your vehicle.

The extra room can also give you extra value of the entire property.

Not only that, an empty space is beneficial to do other things, such as change it to become a warehouse, doing technical work, or whatever activity you can’t do inside your living room.

Back to the topic, more cars can be fitted and will need more cost. Here are the numbers you may need to consider.

  • Single car garage. With the building cost average range per square foot between $35 - $60 or $90,the average cost to build a single car garage is around $10,000 with range from $7,500 up to $14,000.
  • Two car garage. The average cost to build a two-car garage is$24,000 with costs ranging from $19,000 up to $29,000.
  • Three car garage. More space will cost more money but it will give more value. If you build a three car garage the average cost is $35,000.The cost ranges from $29,000 up to $43,000.


Consider The Size

Size in this kind of work is important. You must think about the size of your vehicle. Hatchbacks and SUVs have a wide range from size point of view. One sedan and one hatchback also will have different needs of space compared to two SUVs with one motorcycle.

If you have a boat or trailer, the size will also change. So first thing first is you must understand how the size of your vehicle is.

For your consideration, here are some average costs to build a garage according to size.

  • A 12 by 24 feet is$15,000 on average
  • A 14 by 28 feet is$19,200 on average
  • A 20 by 20 feet is$20,000 on average
  • A 24 by 24 feet is $28, 300on average
  • A 36 by 24 feet is $43,000on average.

Size also changes if you add more elements in your vehicle such as a rear bike carrier, bull bars, or any other elements that can change the total length and size.


Attached or Detached

There are also two kinds of garage in common. One is the one that is attached, the other is detached.

An attached garage is the one that connects with your main building or main parts of your house. One thing you should consider when building an attached garage is the pipeline, or electrical line.

The best option is you call a professional worker to check all of the cable, pipeline, and any other things that may need an extra joint to attach it into your garage.

The attached garage building cost ranged from low end of $10,000, mid end around $19,400 and high range can reach $43,000 according to the size.

While the detached one is a garage that separates from your main building. This kind of garage is more practical, but you need extra space to build it.

The costs are also higher than the attached garage. This extra cost comes from many factors. Such as a new electrical socket and lines, new pipeline, and of course since it is not attached so you must build all the walls of the garage.

The average cost to build a detached garage is from $13, 200 for one car garage, and $24,000 for the mid end, and it can cost $50,000 in the high end.


Cost for Windows and Doors

Garage also needs elements to make life easier and to protect the humidity inside, such as doors and windows.

Bad quality doors will cost you more not only money but also time. So these elements are an important factor you should think about when you want to build a garage.

A garage door can cost you $10,500 up to $27,000 with the per square foot around $40 up to $70. You also need to consider the door opener with an electrical system that may cost $200 - $500.

You can also add windows for your garage. Windows cost will vary, but you may expect the average cost between $100 up to $1,300 according to the size and which model you want to use.


Labor Cost

Labor cost you should prepare usually takes 50% up to 70% from the total building cost. But in this time of pandemic, the exact number may not be the same as before the pandemic hits, since the needs of labor skyrocketing while the personnel are decreased.

The standard cost for labor jobs per square foot is $20 up to $30 in common. One example is if you have $35,000 for the total build cost, you may want to prepare $15,000 for the labor.

Garage is needed to not only protect your vehicle, but also will add value for your buildings, house, office etc.

You must count the cost to build before doing the job, but also you need to consider that the cost may differ depending on the size, job scope, location, materials, and the type of garage.

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