6 Unexpected Place Where Mold Can Grow in Your House

6 Unexpected Place Where Mold Can Grow in Your House

Mold is an organism that is small enough and sometimes we do not realize their presence yet. Everything is fine, everybody happy until...you see some spots. And when you look at it, you see mold growing.

Since it is a small organism, you can’t find and see it easily in the first place. What is mold? Where do they grow in your house?


What is Mold?

Mold is a fungus, an organism which spreads and grows by using spores. It travels through air. The recipe for mold to grow is in a damp spot. As long as it is moist and it can support organic matter to live, there you go. You probably will live with mold around you.

You can’t take it lightly, because mold can bring risk for your health. If mold grows and you have a degree of sensitivity especially in your breathing system, it can cause your throat become irritated, stuffiness in your nasal, coughing and so on.

That is why you must be aware of the spots where mold can grow inside your house. One thing to keep in mind, they can grow in any spot in your house. So when you see the signs of mold, you better get rid of it as soon as possible. Because it can spread into the different areas in your house.

Here are 6 unexpected places where mold can grow in your house.


  1. Mold Can Grow in Your Kitchen

Kitchen is one corner in your house you may need to pay attention to. Since the kitchen is a place where it contains quite a lot of water sources in it. Where does the water come from?

It can come from the sponge or dish scrubber container. You usually use it to wash the dishes and what are you doing next? Yes, you put it again in the container while it is still wet until you use it again next time.

If you use a sponge, remember to squeeze it until it dries. So all of the moisture that can be the potential substance for mold to grow can be eliminated.

Don’t forget the dishwasher. Because when you use it, there is a possibility it can leak inside of it.


  1. Mold Can Potentially Grow in Window Sills

How often do you open your window? Maybe if you live in a warm area, you can open the window, so the air can be circulated so the moisture can be minimized. The problem is, if you don’t check your window regularly, it can become the right spot where mold can live in it.

If you can’t give the ideal airflow for your window, such as opening your window regularly, you can at least check and clean your window. Don’t let the dirt stay in it. Dirt can contain some kind of food supply for any kind of fungus.

Window is a part of your house where it is so close and fits in your walls. If mold already grows, the chance of it spreading is also raise.


  1. Wallpaper

You must keep in mind these quotes; “Even if you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there.”

Wallpaper is a beautiful decorative part for your house. It is practical, easy to install, and you can change your house atmosphere only by replace your wallpaper with a new one.

The challenge is, mold can grow beneath it. It can hide there waiting, and growing. Sometimes walls can be dense. Maybe there’s a leak or the weather makes your walls humid.

One sign you must be aware of is, when you see the edge of spots where the wallpaper gets peeled, you need to hit the mold alarm. You can check it simply by removing the wallpaper.

Unless you know that the mold already grows and spreads, you need to call a professional to help you. Because if you do it wrong, the fungus and spores can fly through the air. This is the problem you don’t want to happen.


  1. Air Conditioning System

AC is the perfect solution for you to feel the ideal air flow and temperature. What you need to know is, the AC system grabs moisture from the air. If you don’t operate your AC in 24 hours straight, the humidity inside your house can rise up.

If you ignore this, mold can slowly live inside the ducts of your AC, or on the coils.

For this kind of problem, it’s not that hard really. You just need to run your AC at least 10 minutes everyday, yes, everyday when the air outside your house is in hot or humid condition. Prevention is the best way to keep your house save from mold. It also can prevent you from spending so much money to fix the problem.


  1. Ceiling

Look up! You need to be aware of the part of your house above your head. Yup, it is the ceiling. Usually ceiling tiles can be moisturized by some cause. Such as the HVAC vents are located around the ceiling tiles, or you got a roof leak and the leaks fall into the ceiling.

You can spot if mold is growing from the spots you’ve seen later. Pay attention when your ceiling is having spots, or changing color. Mold can be grown with black, grey, or any color.  So if you can see the change, even just a little, you better prepare to clean or call professionals to fix the mold problem.


  1. Mold Can Grow in Carpet

Carpets are beautiful and can bring comfort. The side effect is, it can trap dust, tiny organisms like skin cells, droplets, dirt, etc. All of it is the ideal food for mold.

Add your pets who love to “make a scene” on carpet. The carpet will be dense, and mold will find its home. As we mentioned earlier, prevention is the best way to fight mold.

You can vacuum your carpet regularly, or if you are able to do it you can wash your carpet periodically. So all of the mold potential can be gone.

But if you think your carpet is already invaded by mold, and become damp, and smells bad, you need to consider of replace your carpet with the new one.


Mold is a tiny organism that seems harmless to humans. But the fact is, it can potentially be dangerous for someone who has sensitivity to the respiratory system, or for kids. Don’t let mold grow inside your house!

If you can’t fix it by yourself, you can call professionals such as preventive support to help you out.

Stop the mold, and show them who is the boss in your house!

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