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5 Tips to Prevent Roof Leakage

Preventing a Leaky Roof in Your Home The last thing you want to think about this season is your roof. It’s generally reliable so in the event that a leak is noticed, it’s difficult to imagine what the next steps are. Your first thoughts may be surrounding cost, which is standard. Because it’s unlikely that…
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How to Clean and Maintain Your Roof

How to Clean and Maintain Your Roof   ? Roof cleaning is an integral part of maintaining a functioning home. Unanimously, roofing contractors agree that maintenance of the roof will extend the overall life of the home. By removing debris, and ensuring that the top of your home is not compiling leaves and water, you…
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How to Evaluate Construction Proposals

For years our company participated in the public bidding market. That is bidding on government work including Local, State and Federal buildings. We worked on Court Houses, Police Stations, Parks and just about every kind of building out there. To be successful in the public market a company needs to be proficient in the trades,…
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