Leaking Window in Boca Raton

Leaking Window

Leaking Windows During Heavy Rain?


If your windows leak, you may want to consider resolving the problem sooner than later. Water leaks can damage your property and can lead to mold, rotten wood & cracked and spalling stucco. Your fast response to fix the problem will go a long way to minimize the potential threat and save you a lot of cash. But, finding the source of water intrusion in buildings can be tough and each window leak can be unique.

Fix Leaking Window

Whether your home is new or old, one of most difficult problems to solve is a leaking window. This is a very common complaint. Unfortunately, there can be several causes, so let’s explore the top two causes for leaking windows. The problems are the same for vinyl windows and aluminum windows.


1.    The first cause for a window leak is the windows themselves. This happens most commonly with operating windows in the. There are small weep holes on the bottom of the frame (called the sill) that sometimes gets blocked by caulking, dirt or paint. We recommend that you check for this first. Make sure the weep holes are unobstructed and test the window a garden hose. If the window leaks, try the next step.


2.    The next possibility is the window frame. There should be a ¼” gap between the window frame and the wall. This is called the window buck. The gap allows for expansion and contraction of the window and must be sealed well with “wall wrap” and or caulking and covered with stucco and painted. If you can see a gap around the window opening outside, try caulking it with clear silicon caulking. Hose test the window again. If the window is still leaking it is possible a professional can remove and reinstall it and successfully stop the leak. . 

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