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Do I Need a New Roof?

Need a new roof in Boca Raton? When do you need a new roof? I have been asked that question so many times since my entry into the roofing industry in 1990.  For most home owners, needing a new roof is something they really do not want to think about, because of the cost. New…
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Commercial Flat Re-Roofing in Oakland Park

This condominium roof is 30,000 sft. We removed it, replaced all rotten wood, installed a three ply conventional asphalt roof, new shop fabricated metal flashing and a all new drain system. We passed all of our inspections by the City and issued a 12 year leak free warranty.
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Brian and Marcos returned to meet Mark Masiano the engineer and inspect the new truss members. New 2×6 pine was screwed into the old members 6 inches on center with #15 heavy duty roofing screws. Care was taken to have a minimum over lap of 2 feet on to good wood. The damage was along…
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Mistakes You Should Avoid When Reroofing

Mistakes You Should Avoid When Reroofing Don’t invest in a new roof only to discover that most of the old leaks are still leaking By Dick Fricklas REROOFING CAN MEAN an end to a series of frustrating leaks and contractor callbacks. Or it can be a frustrating and costly time period. The difference is proper…
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