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Sunroom Installation Cost

A sunroom is one way to increase the space within the building and it can be built during the new construction or as an addition to an existing building. Depending on the regional climate and desired usage, sunrooms can be constructed to accommodate year-round use or just for more temperate seasons. Sunroom designs are also…
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Lanai screen installation Cost

A lanai or lānai is a type of roofed, open-sided veranda, patio or porch originating in Hawaii. Many homes, apartment buildings, hotels and restaurants in Hawaii are built with one or more lānais. Lanai porches take their name from the Hawaiian island of Lanai, of which the design is said to have originated. Lanais are…
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Skylights Cost

Skylight is an additional feature to our roof that can give warm feel into the house. The costs for installing a new skylight will range from $450 to $1750 depending upon the style selected and also additional blinds or shade. Building a skylight is never considered as a DIY project. The reason is skilled carpentry…
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