Patio Window

Patio enclosures and sunrooms have gained so much popularity over the years because they can bring convenience and comfort to enjoying the outdoors year-round. They provide an enclosed room allowing access to the outdoors without exposure to the elements. No more getting bitten by bugs and bees or fighting the flies when you sit down for the family meals.

Both come from the same foundation which is from the patio. In the sunroom addition typically built either over an existing deck, an existing patio with no existing roofing system or is a completely new structure. Patio enclosure typically refers to a room built over an existing patio with an existing roofing system already in place. So, there is usually no need to build or reinforce foundations as long as the patio is determined to be sufficient for the room.

One of the essential element in both is its window system. Both may be full glass or partial
glass enclosures, as well as 3 or 4 season rooms and also aluminum screen.

  • Aluminum screen. The wall employs aluminum mesh in all their screening material.
  • Full glass room. the walls will be virtually all glass from floor to ceiling allowing for the most unobstructed view of the outdoors.
  • Partial glass room. It will have a solid knee wall usually constructed of brick or stone – extending upward from the floor typically two to three feet to the base of the windows.

This is definitely a point of personal taste as both of these designs allow ample sunlight into the room. The window systems for sunrooms and patio enclosures have come a long way ver the years. Preventive Maintenance Support Services offers various design for these either prefabs or by design window/doors systems as an option for a window system for these rooms. These windows close to reducing wind, rain, pollen, and sound (except for the aluminum screen). The glass screen systems cover 100% of the window leaving no gaps for bugs to enter. They move effortlessly, stacking up or down to allow a generous 75% ventilation opening. And, best of all, they are virtually maintenance free.

In term of the frame, it is advisable to choose a material that is durable and easy to maintain, especially if you plan on using your patio door as the main entrance to your home. Vinyl and fiberglass doors do not hold up nearly as well as aluminum and clad-wood patio doors which never need painting and hold up to any weather condition. In addition, the cheaper vinyl and fiberglass doors often encounter serious problems opening and closing over just a short time of use which is another major factor to consider.

Our company believes there is no comparison between the pre-fab kit type structures and a custom stick-built (site-built) structure. Stick-built sunrooms and patio enclosures are constructed just as you would a regular addition or even a house. A foundation is laid (if needed), walls are framed, roof trusses built on-site or brought in, and the entire structure is wired for power and may even be plumbed if included in the design. They are custom designed to match your existing home and typically add very good return on investment ratios.

Transforming that otherwise ignored outdoor patio or deck or even adding a new structure that you’ll be able to enjoy all year round, it’s easy to see why these rooms are investments with huge returns. If you are dreaming of bringing the outdoors in by adding a sunroom or patio enclosure, Preventive Maintenance Support Services is ready to assist our valued customers to make it happen.