Patio Window Enclosure in Boca Raton

Protected living spaces that blur the line between outdoor and indoor living are extremely popular because people love that feeling of being outdoors and connected to nature, minus inconveniences like cold winds, mosquitoes, and glaring sun. When you consider enclosures, the first and simplest option is a screened patio. You take an existing patio and simply add screening around the perimeter. You are still intimately connected with nature and if you choose black aluminum screening, you will hardly notice the barrier between yourself and the great outdoors. However, if you want further protection as well from weathers, you can consider choosing glass as a screen material.

Preventive Maintenance Support Services understands that patio enclosure can be a great addition to any outdoor space. It can afford shelter from the elements or create a space that allows for indoor/outdoor seating or sunbathing. The company has been experienced in handling this type of patio enclose and understand well that options for patio enclosures vary greatly in terms of price and style. In building such space, one of the important element in patio is its window enclosure, and there is two type of window enclosure offered by the company.

Screen Patio Enclosures

The screened patio types its window employ aluminum mesh in all their screening material. When if the time comes to hose off the aluminum screening material, you’ll be amazed at how easy this entire process can be. Each and every Preventive Maintenance Support Services' screen can be effortlessly lifted up and out of its master railing and replaced with the same ease.

Security is not an issue with the right screened-in sunroom hardware. Each screen rides in a dedicated track making for easy transformation of covered patio, to the screened-in enclosure. This also means that mesh screens which are easy to lift up and out for cleaning will not jump out of their tracks for burglars or vandals. The advantages using this type of screen, it is usually less expensive, no insects, zero glare from black-screened panels, provides the freshest air and immediate contact with exterior ambiance. However, the disadvantage is very little protection from the weather.

Glass Patio Enclosures

While enclosing your sunroom with any type of glass will cost more than enclosing it with screens, many homeowners find the extra expense to be well worth it, because glass offers far better protection from the outside elements, and adds extra value to the home itself. There are many different options for glass patio enclosures, but they can be broken down into two very general categories, as follows.

  • Single-pane glass. Homeowners looking for the next upgrade up from aluminum
    mesh screens will usually choose single-paned glass panels. This material will protect the room and anything in it from wind, rain, dust, and humidity.
  • Double-pane glass. This is the next step up, and quite a step it is. Double-paned glass provides energy-efficient thermal protection that keeps the interior warmer when it’s cold outside and cooler when it’s hot. Double-pane insulated glass is used in all Preventive Maintenance Support Services' year-round sunrooms but can be added to any three-season room for extended seasonal use.

For three season rooms, the benefits are second-most economical of the four, no insects, no wind, usually very comfy. However, the drawbacks not engineered for ongoing heating and cooling. Four season rooms accommodate a complete climate-control system and are suitable for all climates, this room is useful all year long. There is trade-off, it is more expensive than aluminum screen room and three season room.

In the end, each has their own strength and weaknesses and it largely depends on the needs. Preventive Maintenance Support Services is ready to assist our valued customer in building patio enclosure based on their needs.