Preventive Maintenance Support Services Inc (PMSS) was established in 1994. We complete all kinds of building services. We don’t use any subcontractors. All our crews are closely managed and pictures of the work in progress are available on request.

New addition on home

Window Instillation

We can replace one window, two window or all your windows. We can install any manufacturers windows but most of our installs are PGT.  The secrete to a great window instillation is in the sealing of the frame to the opening. If the opening is concrete a mastic must be used. If the opening is wood tape and caulking are used. Many contractors don’t supervise their crews and this step gets skipped. Stucco in the window opening will inevitably dry and crack. The window will leak in the absence of a proper seal behind the stucco.

Stucco and Window Instillation

Any contractor that doesn’t install stucco is not a window contractor. That’s a fact. Stucco is part of the window seal. If you have a contractor offering windows without replacing the stucco he takes out, don’t use them.


Concrete Services

PMSS pours concrete pool decks, driveways and slabs. Our concrete can be reinforced using steel rebar or admixtures. Concrete admixtures like fibers can replace the need for steel. Other admixtures preventing shrinking or slow down or increase the cure time.

Structural Repairs

Concrete and steel support columns can develop rust and be damaged.  Damaged columns must usually be replaced but sometimes can be repaired. We do both. Rotten wood beams the column supports can also require replacing. Our experience crews jack them up and replace them. And yes, we put the stucco back when we are finished


Chimney Repairs

So many homes in South Florida Have chimneys. They are installed for the aesthetics, for the most part, but are seldomly used. Cracks can develop in the stucco. Chimney caps can rust or any other number of things can go wrong with chimneys. Whether the damage is caused by old age ot lack of maintenance, Chimneys can need a lot of help.


The Building Process explained

Building home additions in South Florida is a complicated process. Builders need to be familiar with codes, zonging, regulations and all the means and methods. We build residential homes and home projects. Building contractors manage 5 key responsibilities.

1.       Design and planning

2.       Material acquisition

3.       Project Management

4.       Legal and regulatory compliance

5.       Health and safety

Our qualifying contractor has been in the industry for over 30 years. He started as a laborer and in 1996 received his first Florida State contractor’s license. He is an expert in all aspects of building construction.


What is General Contracting?

 Building Contractors reach out to interested prospects. People looking for construction professionals to complete their projects. Our estimating department survey customers requirements and prepare specifications and proposals for the consideration. Your project may be complicated and estimates at this phase may be generalized. Very detailed plans are designed by architects and engineers when a contract is signed.


The parties involved in a construction contract

The parties involved are usually the client, contractor, design professional and Building Department. Architects and Engineers are design professionals. For our purposed here, these two are synonymous. Attorneys can get involved if things go wrong. It’s in everybody’s best interest to work to prevent this (no offence to all of you good attorneys out there).


How the permitting process works

 With comprehensive plans in hand our next step is to obtain a permit. Materials are acquired, and staging is planned while the building department “plans review” specialists inspect the plans and drawings. Scheduling to start the work can be arranged when the permit is issued.


Completing construction projects

 Our crews arrive and work diligently to complete as much work as they can each day. They stop when they reach a given junction that requires and inspection by the building department. Inspections typically must be called in before 3:00 to make on the inspectors rout the following day.   Hence, it is common for the inspection to be schedules within 2 days’ time. We pass our inspection on the first try most of the time. There are many reasons why an inspection can fail that do not involve workmanship.

The work may start and stop delaying the projected finish date.

What is a construction change order?

Changes in the contract can occur if unforeseen eventualities are discovered.  The work will stop until the client and we the contractor agree on the terms and conditions of the change. Changes to the permit may also be necessary and go back to plans review for approval.

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