How Can I Improve Indoor Air-Quality?

It’s more important now than ever to breath clean air indoors. The coronavirus has us all on edge. So how can we make sure the air we breath inside is safe? On this page we will discuss a few simple and relatively in expensive solutions. While we all want to provide a safe indoor environment, we also need to keep the costs under control.

Disinfect the Air in Your Home of Business

Forget the air-conditioner air-filter. You will need an expensive and restrictive HEPA filter. These filters are so intense they will noticeably slow down the air coming out of your vents. Reducing the volume of air flowing out of the vents will make it hard for the system to handle the heat load.

Ultraviolet light has been used for decades to kill bacteria like the coronavirus. Its used in aquariums to kill parasites and hikers use it to purify lake and stream water. A well-placed UV light in your air-conditioning system will kill 99% of any airborne contaminants. We install UV sanitizing lights in the A/C system plenum. This is the box near the return (the place where your filter is) allowing all the air-to re-circulate through the duct system.

Kill Virus in the Air

As mentioned above the HVAC system has a return and plenum. If you think about your system, there is on register (vent) with a filter and the air from all your home or business indoor space. Even the air from the farthest room must travel all the way back. Any contaminants airborne could find its way to you during this long travel.

What if you could have a return in each room? This way airborne stuff can’t travel from room to room. That’s exactly what we do. We place a new vent in each room with a fan in it and duct the air back to the plenum. The same is done in restaurants and office building, creating space zones and preventing cross contamination.

Air Purifier

Air purifiers are small appliances with filters. Most filter are made of paper. The frequency that you replace the filters affects the purifiers performance. Some have ionizers used to collect dust but not bacteria. A few do have UV lights but its not likely that a small one with UV will be able to handle the volume of an entire room.

UV Sterilization - Sanitizer

The terms mean to clean and make safe the air we breathe. Sterilization and sanitation refer the cleaning an object. We use bleach and alcohol to treat our hands and surfaces and they kill the bad organisms. Ultraviolet light is not a chemical, but it disrupts the virus’s nucleus and DNA making it unable to function.

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