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Aluminum Enclosures

“Insulated panel” Patio Covers and Carports are the best option available in the todays market. These patio cover roof panels  have 4 ft wide interlocking panels  and are built using 3″ foam insulation, laminated on the top and bottom using .024 gauge pebbled aluminum.  The patio panels are pebbled and have a baked enamel finish. The roofs can easily withstand the heat and cold and are extremely quiet during rain storms. They are the most durable roof you can buy.

We have high grade aluminum custom Carports and Patio Covers in stock and ready to install. Our patio structures are of the finest quality and engineering to meet weather conditions the South Florida weather. These patio roofs are “beefed up” and meet out strict wind requirements of the Florida Building Code. ALL of our Insulated Panel patio covers include a 3″ x 3″ x .125 Set-Back Beam for additional strength!


Pre-Engineered Designs

These enclosures meet all of the FLorida Building Codes requirements, they are in stock and ready to be installed.