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Many people who have lived in a home for a while aren’t quite sure when components of the home are beyond repair and need to simply be replaced. They know that their roof leaks, and when they check the gutters they see the grit from deteriorating asphalt, but does that mean the roof is done for? Also, some homeowners wonder if a problem in their home can be fixed at all without making things worse. In all of these situations, Preventive Maintenance Support Services Company is here to to help you, with much experience and knowledge, our professionals will make sure that none of your issues go unresolved. Click here to read our customer testimonials.


Do you really need a new roof?

There are several things that can tell a homeowner that it is time for the roof to be replaced. Deteriorating shingles are certainly a reason to look into replacement. Shingles dry out, curl up, fall off, split and shed granules. Many times, replacement becomes more cost-effective because it avoids constant repairs that add up over time. Shingle replacements may also not always match with your original design, so if you’re looking to resell your home, it is best to keep the ceiling even colored and aesthetically pleasing, or it may become harder to sell.

Another sign that the roof may need to be replaced is if there’s a great deal of rot, damp or wet spots, and mold. This can better be seen if you go up into the attic. A great deal of humidity can signal out serious leaks that may be occurring in your home, and in South Florida’s tropical climate, it is best to avoid the possibility of significant property damages due to an unfit rooftop.


Here are some of the roofing services that we offer

But we are not just roofers!

We are also licensed General Contractors, Air-Conditioning and Mold Contractors. We have separate crews for other trades such as:

At Preventative Maintenance, we’ll track down your home’s problem to its source before we repair the observable damage. Contact us today at (561) 586-5655 for assistance in Boynton Beach.


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